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FRAME GAME: Thompkins' Short TD Run

Penn State redshirt freshman DeAndre Thompkins opened the scoring in a game vs. Rutgers last weekend. There was more to the play than met they eye. Check it out in our return to the Frame Game.

When redshirt freshman WR DeAndre Thompkins opened the scoring in Penn State's 28-3 win over Rutgers last weekend, it appeared as if there was great blocking on the play. Thompkins took an end around and eventually cruised into the end zone.

But … things are not always what they seem. While Thompkins did get some decent blocking from two members of a three-tight end cluster on the left side of the line, the O-linemen on that side had their issues.

A good play call and Thompkins' excellent speed mitigated those problems, though.

Check it out in the return (by popular demand) of our Frame Game Gallery.

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