Tim Shaw Talks About His Visit

Tim Shaw attended the PSU-Miami game last Saturday night and enjoyed the night's events. Hopefully, his experience was similar to that of many other PSU recruits attending the game.

How was your visit to the Penn State vs. Miami game?
"It went real well.  I took my two younger brothers.  We sat right on the 50.  It kind of confirmed how much they want me.  There's a recruiting lounge and you have to pay for dinner, but you get dinner.  Then we got to go on the field before the game, during pre-game, and we got to watch them warm up.  We got to talk to Coach Paterno and just about everyone."
Will the results of the game have any affect on your decision?
"No, it was obviously a little shaky, but I don't think they were ready for that kind of game tempo.  The quarterback got hurt right in the beginning.  I thought they had a few bad breaks but they just couldn't do anything."

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