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Penn State-Army: Report Card

Who made the grade and who came up short as the Nittany Lions edged the Black Knights at Beaver Stadium Saturday afternoon? We give the lowdown.

Our report card from Penn States 20-14 win over Army at Beaver Stadium.

OVERALL: Forget all of the excuses. This is the type of team Penn State should be able to dominate no matter how young the Lions may be. It clearly did not happen.

Grade: C-

OFFENSE: Difficult to decide which was worse, the poor performance of the offensive line or the generally conservative play-calling. Well go with the play-calling, which didnt exactly make things any easier for the front five.

Grade: D-

DEFENSE: Sure, it is difficult to prepare for the triple option. But that does not explain some really bad tackling, especially in the second half.

Grade: C+

SPECIAL TEAMS: Some good (Joey Julius), some bad. Were starting to get the sense that the punting fiasco (outside of the Rutgers game) wont be solved until Blake Gillikin arrives next year.

Grade: C

COACHING: Penn State just did not look like a well-prepared team.

Grade: C-

INTANGIBLES: Pretty obvious the Nittany Lions looked past the Black Knights, and they almost paid for it.

Grade: D

OTHER GUY: Army played with a lot of heart but we were surprised at how undisciplined the Knights were. Six fumbles, including three lost. And some killer penalties. Even a sideline warning? Get in formation, men.

Grade: C+

OFFICIALS: The Zebras did not seem to be keeping a close enough watch on some of Armys knee shots on the Lions.

Grade: C

CROWD: The people who were there late in the game really made a difference. The stadium was loud.

Grade: B+

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