PENN STATE FRAME GAME: Worst Call Of The James Franklin Era?

With a chance to gain momentum vs. No. 1 Ohio State in Columbus, the Nittany Lions came out in a formation that CLEARLY favored the Buckeyes. Check out our breakdown of the play and call it as you see it.

Penn State fans have spent plenty of time beefing about the offensive play calling durung James Franklin's short tenure with the Nittany Lions. And much criticism has been focused on offensive coordinator John Donovan.

That's part of the fun of being a college football fan, especially after a loss like the Nittany Lions' 38-10 defeat at No. 1 Ohio State Saturday. People love to speak their minds.

Media-wise, well, some of us like to double and triple check things before taking a really firm public stand on something. Which is what we did following what SEEMED to be a crazy offensive formation by Penn State in the third quarter vs. OSU. 

Check out our take above.

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