Hackenberg Proves He's Not Claustrophobic

Get a feel for the media crush the Nittany Lion passer faces following each game. This scene is from after PSU's 31-30 victory over Maryland in Baltimore.

One of the most comical things after every Penn State football game is the media scrum to get in front of Nittany Lion quarterback Christian Hackenberg

Typically, so many people want to talk to Hackenberg that he is given a spot at the main podium.

Without fail, as soon as PSU head coach James Franklin is finished addressing the media, reporters and video people scramble for position so they can be front and center when Hackenberg takes the main chair.

The only problem with this strategy is that Hackenberg is rarely the first player — or even among the first players — to enter the room.

So as the first wave of players is being interviewed, you’ll actually see a crowd of people surrounding the empty spot where Hackenberg will be.

Such was the case after Penn State’s 31-30 win over Maryland at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore Saturday, a game in which Hackenberg became the Lions' career leader in passing yards and completions.

Just to have some fun, we started outside of the media room and followed Hackenberg as he entered, so you can see what it is like.

Let’s just say it’s a good thing the Nittany Lion junior is not claustrophobic.

Something else to note: Hackenberg is never in a rush to leave the media room. He sits and answers questions until the media throng begins to thin out.

Indeed, you’ll see that with a little patience, any reporter — even one who was outside of the room when everyone started boxing out for position — can get right in front of the QB and ask a question. And at that point, a reporter can get perfectly good audio from Hackenberg without stuffing a microphone two inches from his face. ;)

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