Mark Brennan

Penn State-Northwestern: Brennan Report Card

Who made the grade and who came up short as the Nittany Lions fell to the Wildcats in Evanston? Check it out.

EVANSTON, Ill. Our report card from Penn States 23-21 loss to Northwestern here Saturday.

OVERALL: The Nittany Lions rallied after an ugly first half but fell apart down the stretch.

Grade: C-

OFFENSE: Again, PSU finally figured some things out in the third quarter and began moving the ball. But you have to be able to convert a third-and-1 when the game is on the line. The fourth-quarter interception was bad, too.

Grade: D+

DEFENSE: The first time this year this unit had a chance to close out a game late in the fourth quarter and did not get the job done. But there is something to be said for allowing only three second-half points.

Grade: C-

SPECIAL TEAMS: It is bad when you cant execute a simple kickoff. And giving up a kickoff return for a score in a tight game like this was a killer.

Grade: F

COACHING: Too many errors in every phase of the game. Sooner or later, you have to blame that on coaching.

Grade: C-

INTANGIBLES: The Lions really never seemed to be playing with a lot of juice.

Grade: C-

OTHER GUY: This is not a Top 25 team. Some nice, tough players, though.

Grade: B

OFFICIALS: Never a good sign when the game starts with a zebra taking a ball off his skull.

Grade: D

CROWD: People were leaving with the home team trailing 21-20 in the fourth quarter.

Grade: D

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