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Penn State vs. Michigan: Brennan Report Card

Who made the grade and who came up short as the Nittany Lions fell on Senior Day? We let you know.

Our report card from Penn States 28-16 loss to Michigan.

OVERALL: Penn State gave itself a chance to win in the fourth quarter before another special teams' blunder swung momentum back toward the Wolverines.

Grade: C-

OFFENSE: The red zone was the dead zone for this group.

Grade: D+

DEFENSE: This unit was not perfect. But it had two key takeaways and one of the TDs it allowed was when Michigan had a very short field after (another) special teams' issue.

Grade: C

SPECIAL TEAMS: There was some good (Von Walkers blocked punt). But overall this unit continues to be a disaster.

Grade: D-

COACHING: As weve noted before, when the players are making so many mistakes in so many areas, a lot of that comes down to the way they are being coached.

Grade: C-

INTANGIBLES: Once Michigan went up 7-3 in this game, it just seemed like the better team to us. And it was.

Grade: D

OTHER GUY: Were still not sure that it's a top-15 team. But the Wolverines are a tough group that plays with heart.

Grade: B

OFFICIALS: Anyone who makes Jim Harbaugh THAT mad cant be all bad.

Grade: B+

CROWD: Kudos to the fans for dealing with the increased security measures and eventually packing Beaver Stadium.

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Grade: B+

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