FOS FEARLESS FORECAST: Penn State-Michigan State's crack(ed) staff and friends give their predictions for the Nittany Lions' regular-season finale. At least one of our prognosticators went out on a limb and picked the upset.

Mark Brennan (mxbscout)

Comment: Penn State's offensive line is really struggling against the better teams on the schedule and the special teams have been awful of late. And now MSU is playing not only for a spot in the B1G title game, but also a possible spot in the playoffs. I don't see this ending well for the Lions.

Prediction: Michigan State 27, Penn State 13

Scott Cole (PSU96)

Comment: Michigan State will be honoring a large group of seniors that have lifted the Spartan program to elite status nationally, and is playing for the Big Ten East division title and a shot at the national playoff. Their lines owned the line of scrimmage against very stout Ohio State fronts last week. There's no reason to think that Penn State's lines will fare any better. Similar to last season, this Lion team needs the month of bowl prep to reset mentally and erase a forgettable final month of the season from their memory.

Prediction: Michigan State 31, Penn State 10

Keith “Goon” Conlin (keithconlin)

Comment: In what has really turned out to be an extremely frustrating year, the finale vs. Sparty is pivotal on the national scene. I just don't see how PSU can upset MSU. As much as I want it to happen, I just can't see it. Sparty may be playing a second or third QB, too. Our OL does not match up well vs. MSU’s DL. Could be a really ugly game, but it could be a season-changer if we do pull off the upset. Get a running game established and let Hack throw without getting hit or under pressure. Easier said than done.

Prediction: Michigan State 28, Penn State 10

Harvey Levine/FOS

Nirav Dalal (PlaybookNirav)

Comment: I think this game is going to stay pretty close almost the entire way. But a couple of critical mistakes will be the difference in this one. James Franklin has yet to beat a ranked opponent while wearing the Blue and White and I don’t see that changing this week.

Prediction: Michigan State 20, Penn State 16

Mark Harrington (PlaybookMark)

Comment: The Spartans have a lot on the line in this game — an appearance in the Big Ten title game and a potential invitation to the playoffs. Add in Senior Day for MSU and the fact that it just rolled past Ohio State and this one does not align well for the Nittany Lions. I think the defense once again hands some opportunities to the offense, but once again I suspect they'll be squandered.

Prediction: Michigan State 24, Penn State 13

Scott Reed - Spartan Digest

Tom Hoffman (underscoreTom)

Comment: I briefly reminisced back to the post-Turkey Day game at overwhelming favorite Wisconsin in 2013. Could the same ring true in 2015? Unfortunately, I don't see it. MSU has recovered from its barf-bag event vs. Nebraska and is now fighting for a spot in the playoffs. PSU, meanwhile, is fighting to avoid the Foster Farms Bowl. Penn State's OL turned in its worse performance since the Temple game vs. Michigan and MSU's DL isn't going to do PSU any favors this week. MSU has big QB injury concerns, but PSU has its own injury issues on the DL.

Prediction: Michigan State 31, Penn State 9 

Tom McLaughlin (WeRPSUPlaybook)

Comment: Once again last week, the Lions brought their "A" game on offense, and that stands for anemic. With a bye week to prepare, the most imaginative the offense could deliver was more of the same and three up the middle. Realistically speaking, this week doesn't look pretty. Michigan State has one eye on the conference title and another one on the playoffs. So make sure there are plenty of leftovers in the refrigerator, this is going to be a long day.

Prediction: Michigan State 35, Penn State 10

Harvey Levine/FOS

Donovan Neal (PSUMtnBike)

Comment: It's hard to see improvement as the schedule has steadily increased in difficultly. While some think coaching can overcome youth, a terrible offensive line and the depth/talent depletion from the sanctions, the reality is schemes and play-calling can't fix these issues. Nowhere do these issues show up more than on the road, and the Spartans should have a field day with Penn State's offensive front. Penn State fans should be expecting a harsher dose of reality in this one. Keep a happy face, things will get better.=

Prediction: Michigan State 38, Penn State 16

Rob Riva (rriva)

Comment: What should give any Penn State fan confidence that the team from Happy Valley can even be competitive against Michigan State as the Nittany Lions limp into the final regular-season game of the year? The short answer: nothing. We know the story by now. The Spartans' defense will largely be able to tee up Christian Hackenberg and the bumbling Penn State offensive line all game, which should once again put Michigan State in decent starting field position on offense after handling 30-yard punts by Penn State. But wait just a minute. Michigan State has its sights set squarely on the Big Ten Championship game, and this could just be one of those games where the Spartans overlook an otherwise "meh" Penn State team that, in fairness, should not be overlooked.  Look for a defensive and special teams’ score by Penn State together with a clunky and plodding score on offense led by Hackenberg.

Prediction: Penn State 21, Michigan State 13

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