Penn State's Franklin On Assistant Brent Pry: “I don’t want to lose him”

One of the Nittany Lions' top defensive assistants reportedly interviewed for the Georgia Southern head coaching job.

Penn State held a press conference at Beaver Stadium Wednesday so head coach James Franklin could formally introduce new offensive coordinator Joe Moorhead.

But near the end of the media event, the topic of another Nittany Lion assistant came up. Brent Pry, State’s linebackers coach — not to mention co-defensive coordinator and assistant head coach — has reportedly interviewed for the vacant head-coaching job at Georgia Southern (this from the Statesboro, Ga., Herald).

Franklin was not asked specifically about that situation. But when fielding a question about what Pry means to the staff, the second-year head coach sure sounded like he was concerned about Pry leaving.

He described Pry as being “fiercely loyal,” and that he and his family “love it at Penn State.” As such, Pry has not been the type of assistant who is always looking to move on just for the sake of moving, Franklin explained.

“A lot of coaches are constantly looking,” Franklin said. “Brent’s not (always looking). If a great opportunity comes — I’ve said from Day One that I want my guys to get the opportunity to be head coaches (and) I don’t want them to ever leave for lateral moves. The administration has been very supportive to help us keep the staff intact.

“But if guys have a chance to be a head coach and that’s what they want to do and it’s gonna make them happy and their family happy, there’s gonna be nobody more supportive than me,” he added.


“On the same hand, I don’t want to lose him,” Franklin said.

See everything Franklin had to say about Pry in the video above.

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