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October 1: Mike Jones article continued

The Nittany Lions recently made their way onto Mike's top ten list.

"They were just a school that I actually just jumped on to. I'm considering Penn State. I hear it's such a great place. They've offered. I love the coach that recruits me, Coach Vanderlinden. I think he's a real nice guy, a great guy to talk to on the phone.

"It's definitely a place I'm considering going to college and definitely a place I'm considering taking a visit to.

"I just saw that Iowa game. That was a great game to watch."

Will he attend any college games this season?

"I've only been to one game this season and that was Notre Dame (verses Purdue). I don't know if I'll make it to any more games this season. Right now what I want to do is focus on my team. We're off to a great 5-0 start and I want to keep that going.

"Within the next few weeks, I might start to narrow it down."

October 1: Martin O'Donnell article continued

"They've been recruiting me pretty hard since about May. Coach Vanderlinden called the other night, but I wasn't home. I haven't talked to him in over a week or so.

"I've heard the campus is beautiful and everything and they obviously have great football tradition there. My high school coach (John Belskis) went to Penn State and worked the summer camp and he told me that it's just incredible down there.

"I saw them play a few times this year on TV. I saw the Nebraska game and I saw the Iowa game."

O'Donnell is unsure whether Penn State is recruiting him to play tackle or guard. There is a good chance he will take a visit to State College.

"I'd assume I probably would visit them and Oregon just because I haven't seen them yet. I think I at least owe them that."

September 13: Austin Scott article continued

"I'm big on loyalty," Austin said.  "I was thinking about waiting longer.  My stats are good and people are telling me that more colleges are going to come, but I was just thinking that of course everyone's going to want you when you're on top, when you're at your prime.  It's the people that stick with you when you're down.  Penn State was that team that stayed with me and talked to me and has been recruiting me since I was a sophomore.  They really take care of me and show me around everytime I go up there.  They treat me well."

He attended a summer camp at Penn State this year.

"I didn't get to participate because I got a hip pointer the day before, but they still let me know that they were still going to recruit me and they stuck by me.

"I like the staff and I liked how they recruited me.  Other places had different position coaches recruiting me.  One school had a line coach recruiting me.  Penn State was the best because it was the running back coach and the assistant head coach (Fran Ganter) that was recruiting me.

Austin will be attending Penn State's game against Nebraska this Saturday.  It will be an unofficial visit.

"I'm still going to take my official visit, just to Penn State though.

"I've been to Texas and I visited UVA.  My parents live down in Texas.  They moved down there in June.  I live with my Aunt right now, and my cousins.

"That's another reason I chose Penn State.  I didn't want to go where I didn't have any family.

"Also, I have fans that have been watching me since I was in youth league.  I wanted to stay home and be loyal to them and let them be able to see some games and follow [my career]."

Austin hopes to compete for early playing time at Penn State.

"I know they have a senior that's graduating and they did mention that I have a pretty good chance to play. If I don't play, it would just let me prepare for the next season, but if I do play, that's even better."

Austin gave a more lengthy explanation of the injury to his right knee that caused him to miss his junior season.

"I was playing basketball with my friend and I went to make a move and I bent my knee towards his and he bent his knee and they both collided and I chipped a bone.  I was born with a birth defect in my 2 kneecaps.  I have 2 patella instead of one.  I have one major one and then another small piece that's connected by cartilage.  You can't really feel it, but I saw it on an X-Ray.  They had to go in and take out that part that got chipped.  I've played for 10 years at the same position and haven't hurt it before.  It wasn't anything serious, but they had to cut out that piece.  To do that, they had to move my tendon off and then the cleanup surgery was just stitching my tendon back on."

Austin is obviously fully recovered from the surgery and has been impressive in his first 2 games this season to say the least.

"I just change it up as I need to so they don't know what to expect.  You hit 'em, hit 'em and then you give them moves the next time.  I'm a lot more of a juking type of guy.  People say that I see the whole and then I just turn on the jets."

August 29: Joe Kedra article continued

What does he like about North Carolina?

"Everyone you talked to had the same things to say about where they want their program to go.  When I went to other schools, one coach would say one thing and another coach would say another thing.  Everyone at North Carolina was on the same page and they knew what they wanted to get done."

Kedra plans to return to North Carolina for another visit.

"I would like to go down for a game, but if not, I'll definitely be back down there before I finalize everything."

What does he like about Penn State?

"The tradition, obviously Coach Paterno, the facilities, it's close to home and everybody you know around here likes Penn State football.  It's big time football."

Joe hopes to attend a game at Penn State this season.

"I would like to go to the Penn State-Nebraska game, but we just got lights put up at our school, so they're not sure  whether our games are going to be on Fridays or Saturdays.  Our first game is scheduled for September 13."

What does he like about Notre Dame?

"The tradition there, Notre Dame is Notre Dame, everything I guess."

How many linebackers are his favorites looking to sign?

North Carolina: "They haven't said how many linebackers they're taking.  I know they're real thin at linebacker from what they say."

Penn State: "They're taking 2 and one already committed, so they are only taking one more.  But, they only offered 7 I think.  They said some of them that they've offered aren't really thinking about their school, so who knows how that's going.  They're only offering people that they know they want. They don't want people on the depth chart, they want people that they think can play in their first 2 or 3 years."

Notre Dame: "I really haven't talked to them, but I think they're taking 4 I believe.  I'm not positive."

August 26: Seth Fogarty article continued

"I went in late June with my father, my mom and my younger brother.  That was great.  JoePa, he's awesome.  He's really well respected up there.  It was really neat meeting him and everyone else, even the receiver coach,  Coach Carter, he's a really cool guy.  It was very exciting.  They gave me a whole tour.

"Same with Georgia, it was a  recruiting camp, but they offered me and I got to talk

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