AD Sandy Barbour On Penn State's New Morgan Academic Center

Take a video tour of the Nittany Lions' new $7.2 million academic facility and get the latest from the school's athletic director on the center, PSU overall facilities plan and much more.

Penn State athletic director Sandy Barbour will wrap up her second year on the job later this summer. Wednesday, she was able to unveil the first major facilities upgrade of her tenure, and she took great pride in the fact that it had as much to do with academics as athletics.

On June 3, the new $7.2 million, 32,000-square foot Morgan Academic Center opened in the space that used to house the Greenberg Indoor Sports Complex (including the old Ice Pavilion). A media tour was conducted Wednesday.

“Having this project really kind of be first speaks to the priority — the urgency, if you will — and the commitment to the academic, and student welfare and development side of the student-athlete experience here at Penn State,” Barbour said. “… In my mind, and my priority, it was important that we get this part right first.”

In the video above you will see Barbour answer questions about the new center, Penn State's overall facilities plan and much more.

We also include clips of different areas of the new Morgan Academic Center.

Check it out.

Grace Brennan

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