Tough (Practice) Sledding For Penn State's Defensive Line

See Nittany Lion assistant Sean "Chaos" Spencer use a blocking sled to help his defensive tackles and ends nail down technique.

With three starters off the to the NFL, many eyes will be on Penn State's defensive line this preseason. During the first practice of the 2016 campaign, that included our eyes (and video camera).

In the video above, you can see what we saw — namely, position coach Sean "Chaos" Spencer using what used to be known as a blocking sled (but now is actually anchored to the ground) to teach technique.

If you have trouble figuring out who the players are, well, they went at it roughly in this order (the order varied a bit on different reps).

90 Garrett Sickels

94 Evan Schwan

19 Torrence Brown

41 Parker Cothren

97 Ryan Buchholz

30 Kevin Givens

52 Curtis Cothran

46 Colin Castagna

93 Antoine "Salt" White

49 Daniel Joseph

44 Shaka Toney

48 Shareef Miller

55 Antonio Shelton

34 Shane Simmons

99 Brenon Thrift

91 Ryan Monk

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