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The FOS Penn State Two Deep Projections

The Nittany Lions' first depth chart of the 2016 season will be revealed early next week. We take an educated guess of how things are going to look for the opener vs. Kent State.

Penn State's first depth chart of the 2016 regular season will be released early next week. Historically, this has been one of the LEAST accurate depth charts of any particular season.

So before you get a look at that, we thought we would give your our best guess on what the actual depth chart is going to look like for the Sept. 3 opener vs. Kent State at Beaver Stadium.

A few notes before we start:

• These projections are based on some things we've seen and some things we've heard. Remember, as part of the arrangement that allows reporters greater access to practice, there are certain things we can't pass along in great detail — including things we see regarding injuries. 

• We believe all of the players listed below will be repping with the first two teams (as opposed to the scout team) in practice. So some positions include more than two players.

• Players marked with an asterisks* are in Yellow Light status, meaning they are true freshmen who are expected to redshirt but are repping with the first two teams (as opposed to the scout team) so they are prepared in case needed. 


Harvey Levine/FOS


Trace McSorley

Tommy Stevens

Running Back

Saquon Barkley 

Mark Allen or

Miles Sanders or

Andre Robinson

Wide Receiver

Chris Godwin

Juwan Johnson

Wide Receiver

Saeed Blacknall

Irvin Charles

Gordon Bentley


DaeSean Hamilton

DeAndre Thompkins or

Brandon Polk or

Gregg Garritty

Tight End

Mike Gesicki

Jonathan Holland

Tom Pancoast

Left Tackle

Brendan Mahon

Paris Palmer or

Will Fries*

Left Guard

Ryan Bates

Wendy Laurent or

Michal Menet*


Brian Gaia

Wendy Laurent or

Zach Simpson

Right Guard

Derek Dowrey

Connor McGovern

Right Tackle

Andrew  Nelson

Chasz Wright


Harvey Levine/FOS

Defensive Tackle (1)

Parker Cothren

Robert Windsor

Brenon Thrift

Defensive Tackle (3)

Kevin Givens

Antoine White

Defensive End

Garrett Sickels

Torrence Brown

Ryan Buchholz

Defensive End

Evan Schwan

Shareef Miller

Shane Simmons*

Sam Linebacker

Brandon Bell

Manny Bowen

Mike Linebacker

Jason Cabinda

Jake Cooper

Will Linebacker

Nyeem Wartman-White

Brandon Smith

Johnathan Thomas

Strong Safety

Malik Golden

Koa Farmer

Free Safety

Marcus Allen

Troy Apke


Grant Haley

Amani Oruwariye


John Reid

Christian Campbell


Harvey Levine/FOS


Blake Gillikin

Daniel Pasquariello


Tyler Davis


Joey Julius


Tyler Yazujian


Chris Gulla

Kick Returner


Punt Returner


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