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PSU-KSU: The FOS Report Card

Who made the grade and who came up short as the Nittany Lions opened the season with an easy win?

Our report card from Penn State’s 33-13 win over Kent State at Beaver Stadium Saturday.


With so many new faces involved, this was a solid way for the Nittany Lions to open the season.

Grade: B


As head coach James Franklin noted, PSU left a lot of points out on the field.

Grade: C+


We’re taking into account the quality of the opposing offense here (it was not good). So even though the Lions’ defense only gave up six points, a better team would have burned it for more.

Grade: B


Who would have thought? To us, this was THE most promising thing to come out of the game. All that prevents an A+ is that PSU really did not have to do anything in a clutch situation. We’re anxious to see Charles Huff’s guys get that chance. 

Grade: A


Overall a good job. Again, we’re talking about two new coordinators here. So you figured there might be an adjustment period in Game 1.

Grade: B


Didn’t you have the feeling from the start that PSU would be able to turn it on when it needed to? We did.

Grade: B


Kent State played hard but was just athletically overmatched.

Grade: C


Unless we missed something, the zebras did a pretty good job.

Grade: B


Only 94,378? The people who were there were great. But the ones who did not show missed a spectacular day, weather-wise (and a pretty good game).

Grade: C

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