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FOS Fearless Forecast: Penn State vs. Temple

Check out our predictions for the Nittany Lions' Saturday afternoon showdown with Temple.

Nirav Dalal (PlaybookNirav)

COMMENT: The combination of a good running game and a mobile QB will create some issues for this Penn State defense. But the offensive production by McSorley and Barkley will allow the Lions to win this one.

PREDICTION: Penn State 38, Temple 24

Scott Cole (PSU96)

COMMENT: Penn State will have to put the disappointment of last week's near-mammoth comeback win out of its mind and focus on a Temple team that will be brimming with confidence after routing the Lions last year in Philly. This year's Owl team is much different than last year's senior-laden group, however, and Penn State's offense will take another step toward being a feared unit.

PREDICTION: Penn State 31, Temple 14


COMMENT: After a tough defeat, PSU rebounds with a solid but not spectacular win. Temple has a game plan for PSU, but that will simply play into McSorley's strengths — throwing under pressure. McSorley has a big day and…

PREDICTION: Penn State 26, Temple 13

Mark Harrington (PlaybookMark)

COMMENT: The Nittany Lions should get back on track against Temple. Granted, the Owls manhandled Stony Brook last weekend, but it should prove to be a decent matchup for PSU.

PREDICTION: Penn State 27, Temple 16

Rob Riva (rriva)

COMMENT: Penn State will be the more talented team on the field Saturday, particularly after Temple lost key components of its 2015 squad to graduation. For this to be a true victory for the Nittany Lions, Penn State needs to come out of the gate strong and fast, and put the Owls away by the start of the fourth quarter.

PREDICTION: Penn State 38, Temple 27

Keith "Goon" Conlin (KeithConlin)

COMMENT: What PSU team will show up? Which Temple team will show up? I think the boys learned a ton from the Pitt game. I'm not a big moral victory guy, but the second half was nice to see last week. Keep momentum going and remember the Temple game from last year. All the motivation PSU needs. Huge game to measure our team on. We shall see.

PREDICTION: Penn State 38, Temple 17

Tom Hoffman (underscoreTom)

COMMENT: Temple's 2016 team is a far cry from its 2015 peak. Its QB is still there (though now going by Phillip, not PJ) but its skill position depth depth chart has really struggled with injuries. Its defense lost some senior playmakers, too. Penn State needs to figure out its tackling, and if it does, the Lions should be able to feel back on track with B1G play coming up.

PREDICTION: Penn State 34, Temple 20

Scott Neal (PSUMtnBike)

COMMENT: Don't expect a repeat of last year. Recent yearly matchups have seen Temple slowly peaking to max potential as Penn State steadily declined. As good as Temple was last year, it still needed a monumental Penn State meltdown to take the lead and finish off the Lions. Penn State is now on the upswing and will not lose this game at home.  

PREDICTION: Penn State 31, Temple 17

Tom McLaughlin (WeRPSUPlaybook)

COMMENT: This year's Temple team is not last year's Temple team. McSorley showed a lot of poise in defeat against Pitt. The Lions also will have a chip on their collective shoulder, and will not go 0 for Pennsylvania. This shouldn't be close — but as usual, it will.

PREDICTION: Penn State 28, Temple 20

Mark Brennan (MarkBrennan)

COMMENT: In the context of the 2016 season, this is now a must-win game. A loss to the Owls will likely mean a 1-3 start. The Lions will be plenty motivated after last year's debacle in Philly, and I just don’t see a Temple offense that managed 13 points against Army keeping pace with PSU.

PREDICTION: Penn State 31, Temple 24


COMMENT: After last week’s terrible defensive effort I am hesitant to make future picks until I see the D step up and play more physical and tackle better. With that said, Temple will run it with its QB some, but I do expect us to have a bounce-back week across the board. The team hung tough and didn’t quit, and more importantly had each other’s backs! We will move the ball and continue to improve on O. Barkley has a big game and McSorely has his choice of big-play receivers to throw it to.

PREDICTION: Penn State 42, Temple 21


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