Several 2018 in-state prospects came away from their unofficial visit to Penn State impressed

Several in-state prospects from the 2018 class watched Penn State defeat Temple last weekend at Beaver Stadium. talked with several of the prospects after the game. had a chance to talk with several in-state prospects from the 2018 class about their visit to Penn State last weekend. 


Cumberland Valley High School (PA) athlete Charlie Katshir talked with about what he thought about Penn State's defensive against Temple.  (CLICK HERE TO READ)


Drew Painter (tight end recruit) on Penn State visit:  "It went well.  I thought the atmosphere was fun and exciting.  The coaching staff likes my size and my ability to move.  They also like my versatility as a blocker and a pass-catcher from the tight-end position.  I really like the way Penn State is physical with their run game. I also like the fact that they aren't afraid to spread the ball out and stretch the field.  I'm going to visit Navy on October 8 and Syracuse on October 15."

Isaiah Jones (athlete) on Penn State visit: "It was the first time that I've been to a Penn State game and it was great getting to experience that type of crowd and atmosphere.  I did have a chance to speak with Coach (Sean) Spencer and Coach (Josh) Gattis.  I really like the gameday atmosphere and the way that Penn State is serious about their academics.  I plan on visiting Rutgers this upcoming weekend."

Justin Sliwoski (quarterback) on Penn State visit: "The visit went really well.  I talked to the coaches (Coaches Joe Moorehead and Mike Villagrana) and they were very positive. The coaches said they like my footwork in the pocket and my mobility getting out of the pocket.  The coaches also like that I'm able to make plays when things break down and stay in the pocket under pressure to make throws.  They were also impressed with the fact that my team has started out with a 3-0 record.  I think that the football program is great and I really like the coaches.  The atmosphere is awesome on gameday.  I'm hoping to go back up again for another game this season."

Onasis Neely on Penn State visit: "The atmosphere on gameday is amazing and electric.  I was able to talk with Coach (Charles) Huff and Coach (Mike) Villagrana.  I loved everything from the tail-gaiting to watching the game in the stadium. I like the offense, the facility, and the coaching staff.  The coaches like my vision and my ability make people miss when they try to tackle me.  They also like my loyalty and the way I believe in my teammates.  I was very impressed with the amount of people that attended the game.  The fans and alumni are very friendly.  I'll be visiting Syracuse on October 15."

Timothy Kater (defensive tackle) on Penn State visit:"The visit went great! I enjoyed the facilities, the people, and the coaches even more! I was able to talk with Coach (Sean) Spencer (defensive line coach).  The coaching staff loves my agility and my explosiveness coming off the line.  I'll be visiting Temple this weekend."

Ronnie Stevenson on Penn State visit: "The crowd impressed me so much.  I felt like I was in the game with the players.  I liked the stadium, the fans and coaches.  It's a very nice stadium and I would love to play there one day. The fans are very supportive of the team and they cheer them on.  When I first met the coaches, they said that I looked like one of their receivers and asked jokingly if I wanted to play in the game. They said I looked the part."

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