FOS Fearless Forecast: Penn State vs. Michigan

Did anyone from FOS have the guts to pick the NIttany Lions, who are better than a two-touchdown underdog as they head to Ann Arbor to face the No. 4 Wolverines?

Nirav Dalal (PlaybookNirav)

COMMENT: James Franklin announced that all future team meetings would be held in the trainers' room, since half the squad is there anyway. Even if the Lions were mostly healthy, they just don't have the level of skill and experience across the lineup that Michigan has. This one could get ugly.

PREDICTION: Michigan 45, Penn State 20

Scott Cole (PSU96)

COMMENT: A big, physical, senior-laden Michigan team was a bad matchup for Penn State before the defense lost most of its experienced players to injury. Now? It's a "delete from the DVR without watching" special. Better days are ahead for Penn State, but Saturday isn't one of the

PREDICTION: Michigan 45, Penn State 17


COMMENT: This a bad matchup on paper. Michigan has a very experienced and talented team, and the -18.5 line (as of this writing) reflects that.  Still, I like PSU to have a good game in Ann Arbor. But in the end, the experience of Michigan will win out. PSU’s offense will continue to evolve but the defense will struggle. 

PREDICTION: Michigan 35, Penn State 24

Mark Harrington (PlaybookMark)

COMMENT: With a talented, veteran opponent that has a ton of momentum, this is a tough road clash for the Nittany Lions. I expect to see continued offensive improvement. The question is the progress on the defensive side. 

PREDICTION: Michigan 35, Penn State 23

Rob Riva (rriva)

COMMENT: If you don't think the sanctions still have an effect on the Penn State football program and you didn't watch the Temple game, tune in to the Michigan game — where an injury-laden Nittany Lion squad will be soundly out-manned and out-coached by the Wolverines.

PREDICTION: Michigan 54, Penn State 16

Keith "Goon" Conlin (KeithConlin)

COMMENT: Too many injuries to the PSU defense will allow Michigan to dictate the tempo with a slow and methodical run game. The Penn State offense can score some points and have proven that, but it won’t be nearly enough.

PREDICTION: Michigan 48, Penn State 24

Tom Hoffman (underscoreTom)

COMMENT: Michigan starts more seniors than Penn State has on its roster. Penn State has more injuries on defense than it does seniors starting. The Lions are having their best offensive start to a season since 2008, but they'll need a mistake-free game and Mr. Miyagi's healing powers to stick around with the Wolverines.

PREDICTION: Michigan 41, Penn State 24

Scott Neal (PSUMtnBike)

COMMENT: While Penn State is showing improvement each passing week, even when healthy it is at least a year away from being competitive with physical, experienced teams like Michigan. Here's hoping the Lions fight 'til the end and keep their remaining players healthy.  

PREDICTION: Michigan 48, Penn State 24

Tom McLaughlin (WeRPSUPlaybook)

COMMENT: Penn State got the win against Temple, but it was not a thing of beauty. This meeting with Michigan figures to be downright ugly. The matchup looks bad on paper, and it looks worse on the field, with the Wolverines hungry to add insult to the Lions’ many injuries.

PREDICTION: Michigan 45, Penn State 17

Mark Brennan (MarkBrennan)

COMMENT: Credit Brady Hoke with leaving a very full cupboard for Jim Harbaugh, as the number of Wolverines invited to next January’s Senior Bowl could reach double figures. It will be another year or so until the young Lions are properly equipped to deal with such experience from a top-flight opponent. For now….

PREDICTION: Michigan 37, Penn State 24 


COMMENT: For obvious reasons, this is not a good matchup for PSU at this point in time. Colorado found some weaknesses in the Michigan D. Can Moorhead take advantage of them to keep the Lions in the game? I think we score some and make it a good game for three quarters, but too much strength and experience on both Michigan lines will wear down PSU’s units.

PREDICTION: Michigan 41, Penn State 24


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