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PSU-Minnesota: FOS Report Card

Who made the grade and who came up short at the Nittany Lions rallied to beat the Golden Gophers in overtime? We let you know.

Our report card from Penn State's wild 29-26 overtime win against Minnesota. 


Some ugly stuff along the way. But this was a big win for the program. An instance where the sum was greater than the various parts.

Grade: B+


Again, it was not always pretty. Penn State stayed committed to the long ball and it eventually turned around the game. Nice to see the receivers bounce back after a rough showing in Ann Arbor.

Grade: B


We have to grade on a curve, given the injuries. The stand in overtime offset a lot of issues earlier in the game.

Grade: B-


P Blake Gillikin had a bit of an off day. K Tyler Davis continues to be Mr. Steady.

Grade: B


Have to give credit where it is due. Sure, there was some questionable stuff, especially in the first half. But the staff never let the players give up and pushed the right buttons late.

Grade: B


A fail in the first half, for sure. The second half was a complete turnaround, where the Lions finally began playing with swagger.

Grade: B


The Gophers really had chances to build a huge lead in the first half, especially considering the injuries to the PSU defense. But they could not get it done.

Grade: C


When we were down at field level late in the game, it seemed like the zebras got things right at crunch time.  

Grade: B


Given the driving rain we encountered while cruising up from the FOS corporate headquarters, we were shocked that the stands ended up being as full as they were. And the crowd played a factor late. 

Grade: A

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