Penn State Practice Quick Hitters

Our premium notes from the open portion of the Nittany Lions' Wednesday practice.

Our Quick Hitters from the open portion of Penn State's practice as the No. 12 Nittany Lions prepared to face Iowa at Beaver Stadium Saturday night.

• While we were there, the No. 1 D-line featured Torrence Brown and Evan Schwan at DE, and Robert Windsor and Kevin Givens at DT. They rotated Garrett Sickels and Curtis Cothran in there with the ones. They are clearly taking it easy on Sickels. As in games, that right arm was heavily wrapped.

Parker Cothren was there in uniform — and looked like he had been working out pretty hard — but I did not see him in there when I was on hand.

Koa Farmer was repping some at first-team Sam ’backer. Looked like Manny Bowen just need a bit of a break after getting hit … well … below the belt.

• CB John Reid got dinged a bit vs. Purdue but was out there and looked fine Wednesday. All the primary CBs are looking healthy.

Nick Scott was back out there at second team SS.

• WR DeAndre Thompkins was back out there and did a nice job digging out a very low Tommy Stevens pass right before it hit ground during red zone work. Thompkins was with the twos, obviously.

• Looks like all of the WRs outside of Brandon Polk are healthy. Man, they are loaded there. James Franklin made it official after practice when he announced Polk will be redshirting due to an undisclosed injury.

• No changes on the O-line from the last couple of weeks.

• They once again had the music blaring during parts of practice. Remember, they did not have the music playing last week because they were getting ready to go to Purdue.

• Usual Wednesday practice gear. Helmets, shoulder pads and shorts.

• There were a bunch of ROTC people there because it is Military Appreciation Week. As you'll see in our gallery, Franklin and the players spent a lot of time with them.

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