Penn State Post-Iowa BrennanCam

See what Nittany Lion all-time great running back showed up as PSU made its way through the tunnel after crushing the Hawkeyes.

There was no big celebration after No. 12 Penn State beat Iowa at Beaver Stadium Saturday night. After all, the game was so one-sided — a 41-14 Nittany Lion win — that James Franklin and company shook hands with the Hawkeyes, sang the alma mater and then made their way back to the locker room.

So we took a different approach with BrennanCam this week, stationing ourselves back in the tunnel a bit to see what we could see after everyone sang the alma mater. As it turned out, it was more about WHO we could see.

As the Nittany Lions walked back toward the locker room, there among them was a  familiar face. Think mid-1990s power running back. He left Penn State under some ugly circumstances. His NFL career never took off.

That's right, Curtis Enis was on hand for the game Saturday. As soon as the game ended, he was the first to congratulate Franklin out on the field. So as Franklin hustled back through the tunnel, he actually stopped to talk to Enis for a few seconds. Most people who knew (or covered) Enis back in the day will tell you he was a nice guy who got mixed up with an agent at the wrong time and made some bad choices. Nearly two decades later, it was cool to see him reconnecting with the program.

You can see that scene — as well as everything else that went on in the tunnel — in the video above.

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