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Penn State vs. Indiana: FOS Report Card

Who made the grade and who came up short as the Nittany Lions rallied to whip the Hoosiers in Bloomington? We let you know.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Our report card from Penn State’s whacky 45-31 win at Indiana Saturday.


We’re trying to remember when we saw this many momentum swings in one game. Luckily for the Nittany Lions, the last one was in their favor. A bit of a boost here for coming back in style (again).

Grade: B


This unit cranked out 411 yards. But it failed to capitalize on several turnovers created by the defense and stubbornly rushed 45 times (for 79 yards) even though IU kept run blitzing. 

Grade: C


The D was headed for a “D” until the final few minutes. But once again, PSU’s depth paid off as the unit was fresh late in the game.

Grade: C


Solid all-around, even though P Blake Gillikin narrowly avoided a disaster and Joey Julius put one kickoff out of bounds.

Grade: B


James Franklin and company seemed hell bent on having the Lions impose their will on the Hoosiers. It ultimately worked. But this one could have easily gotten away.

Grade: C


But it didn’t get away, as the Lions made all the key plays in the final few minutes.

Grade: A


The Hoosiers have to be kicking themselves for not being able to close out a win over a ranked team.

Grade: C-


If you saw anything terrible, let us know. Seemed like the zebras were OK Saturday.

Grade: C


It was weird on the sidelines in the fourth quarter. You could hold a normal conversation with someone standing 10 feet away.

Grade: F


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