Ohio DE Lists PSU in Top 5

He's big, athletic and being courted by several top programs including Penn State. He currently lists Penn State among his top 5 teams.

Anthony Montgomery is one of the biggest high school quarterbacks you're ever going to see.  He's 6'6", 284 pounds and has a max bench press of 280 pounds.  Anthony is very versatile and plays several positions for JFK High School in Cleveland, Ohio including QB.

He plays QB about 90% of the time on offense.  The other 10% of the time he is playing TE, the offensive position he prefers.  On defense, he plays 95% of the time at DE, and lines up occasionally at MLB.  Anthony is primarily being recruited to play DE although some teams are looking at him as a TE.

"Maryland (TE/DE), Notre Dame (DE), Michigan, Georgia Tech (TE) and Penn State (DE) are recruiting me the hardest," he said.

Ohio State, Virginia, Miami of Ohio and Miami are some of the other teams mentioned by Anthony as recruiting him as well.  He currently does not have any scholarship offers, but he does have some early favorites.

"My top 3 are Georgia Tech, Notre Dame and Michigan in no certain order," he said.  "After that would be Penn State and Maryland.  Ohio State was my favorite team growing up, but they really haven't shown that much interest.  I haven't been down to Georgia Tech or met any of the coaches but the coach that is recruiting me, Coach Collins, makes it sound like it's real interesting down there.  I like Michigan for the same reason.  Coach Parrish got me interested in them.  Coach Lockwood of Notre Dame was telling me that their law school is really good.  I like their football team too."

Anthony went to an Ohio State camp this June, and attended a Nike Camp at Michigan in May.  There, he ran the 40-yard dash in 5.0 seconds.

Anthony has taken the SAT once already and narrowly missed obtaining a qualifying score.  He did not prepare for that test and believes he will qualify when he takes the test again after studying.  He will take the ACT on 10/27 and retake the SAT on 11/2.

"Maryland told me that they are waiting for me to qualify before offering," Anthony said.  "The other schools want me to send them some film so they can watch me play more games."

Anthony plans on taking official visits in December.  He will be looking for schools with a good law school.

"I have to be comfortable with the environment," he said.  "I'll also be looking at how good the academic program is and what the coaching staff is like.  I want to be a lawyer so I'll want to see what the law program is like at each school."

Jay Paterno is recruiting him for Penn State, and Anthony is very interested.

"Before my junior season, I went there for a summer camp," he said.  "Then, after my junior season, I went down for a football game and a basketball game.  Both games were against Michigan State.  I like it down there.  The environment was nice and the coaching staff was real nice.  I met Coach Larry Johnson, Jay Paterno, Joe Paterno and a bunch of others.  It seemed like a real friendly environment."

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