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Get Your Official Penn State Rose Bowl Packages

FightOnState.com is teaming with our friends at PrimeSport to help you secure your OFFICIAL Penn State Bowl Packages.

Your Big Ten Champion Nittany Lions are going back to the Rose Bowl!

If you’d like to join them and FOS in California, we encourage you to check out the official Penn State Bowl Packages being offered by our longtime friends at PrimeSport.

Note, these are the OFFICIAL PSU packages, and they are being offered by THE most trusted bowl tour company in the world.

You can check out all of the available packages via our dedicated link. These packages are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, so get a deposit down quickly.


FOS has a longstanding relationship with the folks at PrimeSport, dating back to the tours we arranged for fans to follow the Nittany Lions to the Orange Bowl (2005) and Rose Bowl (2008). 

So we are happy to endorse the Official Penn State products PrimeSport is offering now.

“PrimeSport is thrilled to be working with FOS in 2016,” senior vice president Brian Wilder said. “To be aligned with the site — and its great fan base — to deliver trusted and official bowl game packages means a lot, especially as a loyal follower of the site. Furthermore, I am personally happy to be working with Mark Brennan again since our earlier experiences at the Rose and Orange Bowls were so positive for the site and its fans.”

“This is a win-win,” FOS editor and publisher Mark Brennan said. “We know from experience the sort of quality Brian and his team at PrimeSport bring to the table. For that to be woven into the official Penn State bowl tours will make for an amazing experience for members of the FOS community and Penn State fans in general.”

Just a reminder that these are the official PSU bowl packages, and we expect them to move quickly. So please visit think so you have the most options from which to choose.


Thank you,

The FOS Staff

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