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GOING FAST! Get On The Official Penn State Fan Rose Bowl Charter

The fastest, most hassle-free way to follow the Nittany Lions to the Rose Bowl is via an Official Penn State Tour Package that includes the charter flight option. But seats on the direct flight from Harrisburg to LA are … well … going fast.

If you have yet to make your Penn State Rose Bowl plans, now is the time to get moving!

We Are … happy to report that the most-hassle free way to follow your Nittany Lions to California is via Penn State’s Official Tour Packages, brought to you by our friends at PrimeSport and endorsed by FOS.

A super perk of the packages is the CHARTER FLIGHT OPTION, which eliminates all of the aggravation of holiday travel, booking and transfers.

Simply board the Penn State Charter in Harrisburg, give out a “We Are…” shout (that will be answered by a plane full of fellow amped-up Nittany Lions fans), and cruise directly to Los Angeles. 

No out-of-the-way stopovers. No rushing from one gate to the next. This flight is direct.

The flight includes free soft drinks, free WiFi access**  — so you can frequently check FOS for breaking news along the way ;) — and transfers to your hotel.

The return flight — again, DIRECT from LA to Harrisburg and on a plane dedicated exclusively to the Nittany Nation — is Jan. 3.

Please note, the packages in general — and the ones that include the charter flight options — are selling out quickly. So…

We Are… encouraging you to give them a look before all seats on the charter are gone.

Thank you and see you in LA!

**In-flight Wi-Fi codes will be provided if aircraft equipment permits**

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