Virginia Corner Has 13 Offers

Marcus Hamilton from Centerville High, in Clifton, VA is being recruited by many schools to play cornerback. Penn State, as we all know, is in dire need of cornerbacks, and could certainly use a young man with Marcus' talents.

The 6'1", 180-pound athlete played in 9 games last year and compiled 41 tackles, 3 tackles for a loss, 13 pass breakups, 2 interceptions and 1 sack.  He's doing everything he can to improve himself for this current season and his inevitable college career.

"My 40-time is 4.5," he said.  "That was measured at Pro-Speed.  That's a training facility with a personal trainer that I've been going to so I can increase my speed.  It increased my speed already.  I used to run a 4.6."

Marcus currently has 13 scholarship offers, and has a few select teams at the top of his list.

"I have offers from Penn State, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Maryland, Syracuse, Georgia, Pitt, Michigan State, Boston College, NC State, North Carolina, Tennessee and one more that I can't think of," he said.  "I have 13 in all.  My top 2 right now are Georgia and Virginia.  I really don't have a top 5.  I think Georgia might have a slight lead because they are my childhood favorite team.  I used to like Champ Bailey when he was at Georgia.  I'd probably say that Virginia is recruiting me the hardest right now.  They send me the most stuff and call me on a regular basis.  I like Virginia's coaches and their facilities are nice.  Also, they've had winning seasons something like 8 of the last 11 years.  The running back at my school, Kenneth Tynes, has committed to Virginia.  My friend, Keenan Carter, is going to Virginia.  Ahmad Brooks is considering it (going to Virginia) and my friend, Stefan Orange, is also considering it."

He did not attend any camps this summer but did take some unofficial visits.

"I haven't taken any official visits, but I did go to UNC, NC State, Maryland, Virginia and Syracuse," Marcus said.  "I haven't been to Georgia yet, but I'll take an official visit there.  That's the only one I know for sure right now.  I've been to Virginia so many times, so I don't know if I'll take an official visit there."

It has been reported that Marcus visited Penn State for a junior day on the last weekend in June, and that he was very impressed with what he saw.

"Really?!," he exclaimed.  "They said that?!  I didn't go that day.  They might've had me on the list to come, but something must've come up that weekend that I couldn't make it.  I've never been up there."

Marcus is looking for several things from his choice of a college including good facilities, opportunity to play early, a good overall atmosphere, and a quality education.  He hopes to make a decision by the end of his football season.

"I don't want to redshirt," he admitted.  "I want to play as a freshman."

Marcus said that Larry Johnson is recruiting him for Penn State.  He also mentioned a conversation with Coach Paterno where he was told that he would have an opportunity to play early at Penn State.

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