Athlete Schedules Some Official Visits

<b>J.J. Justice</b>, a versatile athlete from Norwich, Connecticut, has begun to schedule official visits. Who will he visit? Who has called this month?

Name: J.J. Justice
Position: S, LB, QB
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 215 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.45
Vertical Leap: 38"
School: Norwich Free Academy (Norwich, CT)

"Since the beginning of the month, he's heard from about 6 or 7 different schools," said James Justice, the father of J.J. Justice. "He did set up some visits. His team plays on the 11th and then they don't play again until the 4th, so he's going to take a couple of visits during that time off. He's going to make a visit to Penn State on the 26th and he's going to make a visit to Boston College on the 19th.

"Unfortunately, they (Norwich) couldn't get any games those weekends. They went 11-0 (last year) and nobody wants to play them anymore. They only have 9 games scheduled. They could go undefeated and not make the state playoffs because they don't have enough points."

Which teams have called him this week?

"Notre Dame's been courting him recently and Arizona State. He just got off the phone with Northwestern."

Syracuse, Purdue, and Connecticut are some others that have called recently. Penn State, Boston College and Maryland are apparently still J.J.'s favorites.

"We've been corresponding with Penn State all along. He called Penn State, actually, to set up an official visit for that date. J.J. called them on Monday. He talked to Coach Norwood. He talked to Boston College too. I think he talked to them the same day he talked to Penn State. We're trying to get a visit with Maryland, but it doesn't coincide with his schedule."

J.J. and his father are also planning to make a visit next weekend (13th), although they don't yet know where. An official visit to Maryland or Syracuse is a possibility. They may also opt to attend Boston College's game at UConn that Saturday.

Does J.J. favor one team over the others right now?

"I think he's leaning towards Maryland for one reason, he's leaning towards Penn State for another reason, and he's leaning towards BC for another reason. So, I don't really think there's a clear-cut favorite. I would have to probably give the edge to Maryland from my conversations with him, but I think they're still very, very close. He can't decide, so they have to be close.

"What's going to cloud the picture is if other schools come in like Arizona State, who we were originally trying to get in contact with 4 or 5 months ago, or Notre Dame, if they heavily court him. We were supposed to go out there the end of July, but we couldn't fit it into our schedule."

Although Norwich doesn't begin their regular season until next Thursday, Justice has had an impressive preseason.

"They've had two scrimmages and he's done very, very well in both scrimmages. I know in one scrimmage he had close to 200 yards in 5 or 6 carries. The first play from scrimmage, he broke a 70-yarder. I think he had another 60-yarder, so in two plays, I know he had 130 yards and he had a couple of other big gainers. They had a scrimmage on Saturday and he had over 100 yards on 3 or 4 carries also. He broke off another one that started at the 30 and he got down inside the 10."

The Nittany Lions are hoping Justice makes his decision soon.

"They said that they wanted him to try to make a decision early so that they wouldn't have to make any other offers for that postition or something to that effect. But, he's got a great relationship with Coach Norwood. We both like Coach Norwood a lot. He's done an excellent job recruiting J.J. and he's just such a personable, likeable person. We're very impressed with the whole Penn State coaching staff, along with the other ones, but Norwood in my book is special, for me to my son, the way he's handled it. Coach Sollozzo from Maryland is doing an excellent job also."

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