Talks About Unofficial Visit To PSU

<b>Jordan Steffy</b>, an impressive quarterback prospect from Conestoga Valley HS in Lancaster, PA, names his favorites and talks about his unofficial visit to PSU this weekend. Did the Nittany Lions make up any ground?

Since August 7, when Chad Henne announced his intention to sign with Michigan in February, Penn State stepped up their recruitment of Jordan Steffy, offering the athletic quarterback a scholarship about a week later. Steffy took an unofficial visit to State College this weekend for the Boston College game.

"I went up yesterday morning," Jordan said Sunday evening. "We met with the coaches before the game. I sat down with Jay Paterno, the quarterback coach, and we just talked about football and things like that and had breakfast there. Then, we saw the locker room, watched the game and sat in with Coach Paterno at the press conference after the game. It was just an unofficial trip to go watch a game."

Previously, Jordan's favorites were Maryland, Virginia Tech and Michigan State, with Clemson and Syracuse also in the picture. Has that changed?

"Not really, it's still basically those schools."

At this time, it doesn't appear as though Penn State has much of a chance of getting back into the race for Steffy's signature come February.

"Penn State, to be honest with you, probably not. They may be around 6th or 7th just because they're in the state, but Maryland, Virginia Tech and Michigan State are all great schools that I've liked from the beginning.

"I'm sure [Penn State] is a great school for a certain type of quarterback, but I just don't feel it's right for myself."

Steffy claims no leader at this time.

"I'm trying to schedule the official visits. I've got to figure that stuff out tonight actually."

He does not have any official visits scheduled yet. Will he take official visits to his top 3 schools?

"The only one I may not visit would be Maryland, just for the simple fact that I've been there so many times and it's so close that I don't think I'm going to gain anything by going on a trip there."

Jordan is contemplating taking all five allowable official visits.

"I'm going to try to get them pretty early, but I want to make my decision as soon as possible, so we'll see what happens."

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