Saquon Barkley On His Interesting Spring Break Workout Partner

Penn State's All-Big Ten running back ended up workout out with — and learning from — Dallas Cowboys' QB Dak Prescott over spring break.

When Penn State running back Saquon Barkley was asked what he did over spring break earlier this month, he smiled and said, “I just went to Florida.”

Yeah, right.

While many college students do head to the Sunshine State for spring break, Barkley — and teammates Marcus Allen, Mark Allen and DaeSean Hamilton — were there for a different reason.

They took the “off” time as a chance to visit the EXOS Human Performance Center in Orlando to work out.

And it just so happened that Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Dak Prescott — fresh off an impressive rookie season — was also there.

“It was pretty cool,” Barkley said. “It was really cool, actually, working out with Dak Prescott, and kind of just talking to him and seeing the knowledge he knows from the game, and what he learned form his first year. Especially being on a team with guys like Dez (Bryant) and Zeke Elliott.

“So it was pretty cool to learn from him and also workout with him,” Barkley added.

What exactly did he learn?

“I gained a lot,” Barkley said. “Obviously, his system is different from our system — what the Cowboys do is not what we do on offense. But basically, how to be a leader, how to lead a team. How to come to practice every single day and be a pro, pretty much.

“Obviously I’m still in college,” Barkley said. “But if you can be a pro about your body and a pro about how you approach practice and try to be a leader, you’ll just overall become a better player.”

After a season in which he was named Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year and the Nittany Lions won their first conference title under James Franklin, Barkley and his teammates clearly are not resting on their laurels. That is what prompted them to spend their spring break getting better.

“We kind of wanted to do something different, something new,” Barkley said. “We went to Florida, got to visit some stuff down there, and got to have fun and spend time with your brothers. But we also tried to evaluate ourselves and get better instead of going somewhere else and having fun and partying and stuff like that.”

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