Penn State's James Franklin Didn't Really "Crash" A Class

The Nittany Lion coach was actually a guest speaker at a class where he ordered his players to move from the back to the front row.

As it turns out, Penn State football coach James Franklin did not “crash” a sociology class last week to make sure his players in the room were sitting in the front row.

Oh, he was at the class. And yes, he did make sure the Nittany Lions there moved from the back row up to the front.

But the idea that he “crashed” or “interrupted” the class, as was reported on social media and through multiple news outlets, simply was not true.

“I read a bunch of articles about me going in and interrupting a class,” Franklin said after practice Wednesday. “It’s been like this national story, that I just barge into a class and interrupt it.

So what really happened?

“I got invited to speak in a class,” Franklin said. “As I was there, I saw some (football players) who weren’t sitting in the front row. So I wanted to clear that up.”

The class, Sociology 119, covers race and ethnic relations. This was Franklin’s second time speaking on how such matters relate to sports.

Here is the initial tweet on the topic.

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