Is Penn State Thinking Pink (Jersey)?

Nittany Lion coach James Franklin is asked whether his team will ever be allowed to wear uniforms featuring the school's original colors — pink and black.

YORK, Pa. — Penn State football players in pink jerseys?

The question of whether the Nittany Lions’ will ever trade in their iconic, plain blue and white gear to revert to the school’s original colors — pink and black — for a specific game in the near future was presented to head coach James Franklin at an alumni function here Monday.

After all, it was suggested, it could be tied in with the fight to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Franklin said — believe it or not — he gets the question a lot.

You can see him tackle it in the video above.

A bit of a spoiler: Franklin said the cost of outfitting an entire football team could make it difficult to roll out pink jerseys for a given game.

However, he is open to other twists on the team’s uniforms that tie in with the program’s history.

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