Two Solid Performances

<b>Bush Hamdan</b> has impressed at both team camps and regional camps this year, including both the April Nike Camp at Penn State and the Elite 11 QB Regional Workout in Las Vegas in late June. Now fully recovered from last season's leg injury, Hamdan has started his senior season with 2 impressive performances.

Name: Bush Hamdan
Position: QB
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 185 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.75
Hometown/School: Bishop Denis J O'Connell HS, Arlington, VA

Bush Hamdan was hobbled much of last season with a stress fracture near his right foot. Despite wearing a soft cast for half his season, he managed to throw for roughly 1,200 and 12 touchdowns in just 9 games.

Now healthy, Hamdan is hoping that an impressive senior campaign will soon lead to his first scholarship offer. So far, he's gotten off to an impressive start.

"We lost a big game Saturday, 33-26," said Hamdan. "I was 17 for 28 for 240 yards and 4 touchdowns actually, so I played pretty well. In the first game, we won 35-0. I was about 9 for 16 for 160 yards and 1 touchdown. I only really played the first half though. This is the first time I really came into a season being healthy, so, knock on wood, it's a good feeling."

Three schools in particular have kept in regular contact with the Virginia quarterback.

"I received a call from Syracuse, I guess it was about a week ago, from Coach White. He's their tight-ends coach who I was at camp with. I really like their staff, so things are going well here. I've been receiving a lot of personal messages from Coach Axman from UCLA, the quarterbacks coach, and also from Coach Seamonson from Maryland. I've been receiving mail from all three of those schools pretty much on an every day basis.

"I have some good game film from these first couple weeks, so I'm going to try to get those out as quickly as I can. I know Syracuse and UCLA both want me to send that. I'll definitely try to send a tape to Virginia, to Maryland, Penn State and some other schools."

The Nittany Lions have not been in touch recently.

"I haven't really heard anything from Penn State. I have no clue what's going on with them. Out of all the schools that I went to this summer, Penn State was the only school that said they were bringing two guys in.

"It's a good situation. There are a lot of attractive things that draw you to a Penn State. I don't know if it's just my individual thing, or...if maybe Penn State just doesn't recruit as heavily as a lot of the other schools. Maybe it's just a different style they have. It's just weird to me because at camp, Coach Jay was like, 'Bush, we're very interested', and then another coach is asking, 'If we get Chad Henne and we try to bring you in as a second guy, what's going to happen?', and it's a month later and the only thing you get is a recruiting card and that's it. I got a personal letter from Coach Jay, but that was pretty much the last thing I got. That was early July I think.

"It's good though. Going into the season, it makes you really have to play well."

Bush feels he has improved tremendously since his junior season.

"It's like night and day, just the comfort zone that I feel I have this year. I don't even know exacly what it was, but I know I worked very hard over the summer. I knew that was the case. I knew I got a little bit faster, got a little bit more athletic and stuff. It might be just more of a comfort zone, being more prepared in general, understanding what's going on, but there's just definitely so much more comfort in the games."

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