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Because of his incredible size and strength, Josh Beekman has a growing list of offers that includes many of the top college programs in the nation. The senior from Amsterdam High School in Amsterdam, NY is 6'3", 320 pounds and can bench press an astounding 430 pounds.

He is being recruited to play OG/C. He listed his offers in the following order: Michigan, Michigan State (1st to offer), Notre Dame, Toledo, Syracuse, Rutgers, West Virginia (most recent offer), Penn State, Wisconsin, Purdue, Pittsburgh, Miami and Florida.

"They're still coming in," Josh said.  "A lot of college coaches are still calling.  I'm just hearing what they have to say and giving them the benefit of the doubt."

Josh claims to not have any favorites, but he did list a few teams that stand out right now.

"I like Michigan State, Boston College and Penn State," he admitted.  "I like Toledo.  I like Syracuse, but I might just pick going to Penn State over Miami for example, just because I got a good feeling there."

He's taken unofficial visits to Penn State for the Junior Day on July 28 and the Miami game.

"I saw the school," he said about his experience at the PSU Junior Day.  "I walked around with over 20 recruits and saw a lot of things.  I saw the new facility."

Josh says that he's taken unofficial visits to Syracuse, Boston College, Notre Dame and many of the other schools interested in him.  He attended football camps this summer at Michigan State, where he was timed in the 40-yard dash in 5.3 seconds, and Boston College.

Josh says that distance will not play a major part in him making his decision.  His states that his decision will be "more of a feeling".  He currently plans to major in history.

He plans on taking all of his 5 official visits both during and after his season.

There have been reports that Penn State is very high on his list.

"Penn State was up there, because that was back when I didn't get a lot of offers," he said.  "Penn State was one of the top three.  They're still up there high, but I'm really just trying to consider all the schools equal right now.  I'll try to shorten the list after football season."

Josh said the personable nature of the coaches and assistants is one of the reasons he enjoyed his visits to Penn State.

"You walk in there and they greet you with a smile," he explained.  "Their greeting people know you, they sit down with you, they talk with you.  Even the coaches, every time I went down there, they would sit with me, talk with me, ask me how I was doing, if I made up my mind yet.  They just seemed real interested.  You can be truthful with them and say 'I really don't know where I want to go yet' and they're not pushy about it.  They said 'Okay, that's fine, that's fine' with smiles on their faces, all of them.  The little things coaches do make a difference.  I met all the coaches.  I met the defensive line coach and the offensive guys.  I met some of the guys that just help out with the football program, like the coaches assistants, the guys who just take water out to the players and stuff like that.  I talk to those guys more than the coaches because they give you the real perspective.  I talked with Joe Paterno too.  I sat down with him in the upstairs offices and was just chatting with him.  He's a real nice fellow.  He's Coach Joe."

Coach Norwood is recruiting Josh for Penn State.  Josh Beekman sounds like a wise, young man who would be a terrific asset to the Penn State football program.

"I just want to be a guy that can go in and just help improve a program," he said.  "If I have to be redshirted for a year and learn the program, then that's okay.  I will probably have to redshirt, because you just can't walk into a place after the summer and know every play.  I just want to help the team.  Wherever I go, the record doesn't matter, because you can have one bad recruiting year and be hurting for the next 4 years. 'Do I look to start when I just walk in?'  No, I would like to work on the basics.  I'm going to be the new kid on the block.  Going from high school to college is a big step."

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