Happy To Be Healthy Again

<b>Mark Petruziello</b>, who missed all but 2 games last season with a shoulder injury, has bounced back impressively so far this season. Which schools have expressed the most interest. Has Penn State been in touch?

Name: Mark Petruziello
Position: QB
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 205 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.75 at Ohio State Camp
School: Lake Catholic HS, Mentor, OH

Mark, the younger brother of Dave Petruziello who was a Big Ten Honorable Mention offensive lineman for Michigan, set a Division III state title game record as a sophomore with 20 completions in 26 attempts. His 298 yards passing and 3 touchdowns helped lead the Lake Catholic Cougars to an overtime victory in that game.

Last season, however, was not so glorious for Petruziello.

"I only played two games last year," Mark said. "I separated my A.C. joint in my [throwing] shoulder. I got sacked and just landed on it wrong. That was in the second game."

The injury forced him to miss the remainder of his junior season. Now, however, he is fully recovered and has led the Cougars to an impressive start, winning 4 of their first 5 games so far this year. His performance in week four earned him honors as the ClevelandBrowns.com High School Player of the Week. In that game, Mark completed 11 of 18 passes for 134 yards and 2 touchdowns, and ran for another 175 yards and 1 touchdown. He also had 3 more TD passes negated by penalties.

Despite having a strong arm capable of throwing the ball 65 yards, Petruziello is not your prototypical drop-back passer.

"Actually, I rush the ball quite a few times a game. I've been rushing about 15 times a game and throwing about 30. I like to run the ball. It's kind of good to be able to do both, throw and run."

Petruziello named 6 teams as currently showing the most interest in him.

"Boston College, Wisconsin and Iowa are the big schools, and then Toledo, Bowling Green and Ohio. Those are the ones I've been talking to lately."

Mark does not yet have any scholarship offers. Many college coaching staffs are waiting to see how he has recovered from last year's injury and are awaiting film of his senior season.

"I sent film out to everybody, those 6 teams and a few other schools. I'm not sure who my coaches sent them too. I believe I included last weeks game and a week one game."

Petruziello attended two football camps this summer: Ohio State and Penn State. He spent one day at each camp.

"I've heard from Penn State a little bit and not so much Ohio State anymore."

Jay Paterno checked back with Mark earlier this month.

"He said to send film and that he'll look at it and grade me out on what he thinks is good. He's a great guy, easy going. He knows his stuff."

Penn State is one of the schools Mark sent film to.

"The one year they brought in three guys, but since then, they haven't recruited any quarterbacks. So, they said this is going to be the year they are going to bring a couple of guys in. He (Jay) told me that earlier this summer at the camp. We really didn't talk about the situation on the phone (when he and Jay last talked).

"When I was there, I really enjoyed it. It's a great atmosphere over there, one of the top schools in the Big 10. I like the area. I like how there's not too much around. I like the coaches, they seem very up front with you."

Are there any other schools he'd like to visit?

"I'd like to go visit Virginia, because they've been contacting me. I won't set up any official visits until probably after the season."

What do teams say they like most about him?

"Mostly, my ability to be able to lead out there and the type of offense we run. A lot of the schools run the same thing, the spread formation. We've been doing that a lot this year and the past couple of years, so that's always an advantage, to bring a kid in that has run that type of offense."

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