Playing the Waiting Game

State College senior quarterback <b>Kevin Suhey</b> is hoping to impress college coaching staffs this season. Which schools have expressed interest? Have the hometown Nittany Lions called? Does he have any favorites?

Name: Kevin Suhey
Position: QB
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 195 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.68
School: State College Area HS, State College, PA

Kevin Suhey is certainly well known by the Penn State coaching staff. Not only does he play in Penn State's backyard, but he is also teammates with the sons of 3 different PSU assistant coaches.

It's certainly not surprising then that Penn State is one of the teams expressing the most interest in Suhey.

"I've heard a lot from Penn State and I've also been in touch a little bit with Boston College and Stanford. I've gotten letters from other places, but just letters, nothing beyond that."

Penn State, Kevin's current favorite, seems to be the team most interested in him right now.

"I've talked to Penn State a lot. They seem pretty interested, especially after Chad Henne committed to Michigan. Boston College, they just want to see how the season goes. Same with Stanford too."

At the time of the interview, last Thursday night, Penn State was the only school to have called Kevin this month. He and Jay Paterno spoke twice so far this month.

"We just talked about how the season's going, how my shoulder's feeling and the games that are coming up, because he's a State College graduate. He went to my high school, so we were talking about the program a little bit and a little bit about Penn State."

Although some Nittany Lion fans on internet message boards openly question the legitimacy of Jay Paterno as the quarterbacks coach at Penn State, especially with the team falling on hard times as of late, Kevin has been impressed by Jay.

"Jay seems to be a very knowledgable guy. He's a real good guy as well. From what I've seen, he knows his stuff very well. I think he deserves the coaching position and I know he coached at a couple other colleges before he started quarterback coaching at Penn State. So, he seems like a good coach to me."

The Little Lions are currently 4-1. The sole loss came during the second game of the year, a game Suhey missed due to injury.

"The first game of the year, at the beginning of the second quarter, I separated my shoulder. I missed the rest of that game and the following game. But, then I came back and I've played two games since," Kevin said during the Thursday night interview, a day before beating Downingtown 25-15.

At that time, in only 2 1/2 games, Kevin had completed 29 of 38 passes for approximately 415 yards, including 4 touchdowns and only 1 interception.

Kevin's injured throwing shoulder is improving.

"It's getting better. I've been treating it, but I haven't played defense since I hurt my shoulder. I'm waiting for it to heal a little more before I go back to [playing] both ways. There are different degrees of separation and it was the best of the 5 degrees I believe."

Suhey, who is still awaiting his first scholarship offer, was busy this summer working on honing his skills.

"I actually just went to Penn State camp. I live here in town, so I would just go up for quarterback sessions for all the camps. I also worked for the Detroit Lions as a ballboy up there, so that took up most of my summer. My dad (Paul Suhey) played football with Matt Millen at Penn State, so they're good friends and I'm good friends with Matt Millen's son, Marcus Millen, so he and I went out together because Matt Millen's the general manager of the Lions now. He got us the job out there.

"I threw to the receivers just for the sake of an arm, so that they could save the quarterback's arms. Coach Higgins, Kevin Higgins, the quarterback coach at Detroit, stayed after practice a couple of times and just helped me out with my form."

Right now, Kevin is focused on his senior season. His performance on the field will determine if and when prospective colleges offer him a scholarship. If he keeps performing as he has, that may be sooner rather than later.

Penn State is just one of the schools keeping an eye on his progress this year. Suhey has not yet visited any schools outside of State College.

"I go to most of the Penn State games here, up to their recruiting lounge and sit with the recruits. But, I haven't been to any other places for a game or anything."

Here is what he likes about each of the three teams expressing the most interest in him:

Penn State: "I've known Penn State since I've been growing up, I live here in town. I love the campus, the stadium and the atmosphere. And, the coaching staff is full of good coaches."

Boston College: "Boston College is just a great place and it's a great football school as well. I've heard a lot of good things about it."

Stanford: "Stanford, the academic part always plays into making college choices, and I know they're very established in academic standings and they're great in all their athletics."

Kevin during footwork drills at April's Nike Camp at PSU.

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