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Brandon is used to winning. His high school team has won 24 straight games. Winning is important to Brandon. Has Penn State's rocky start eliminated them from contention for this incredible fullback?

Brandon Snow, from Newark High School in Newark, Delaware, is widely considered to be one of the top FB prospects in the country. The 6'1 1/2", 220-pounder has started at FB on offense and DE/LB on defense for the past two seasons. He successfully made the switch from DE to LB last year in the middle of the season.

Most schools, however, are most impressed by his play at the FB position and are awestruck by his ability to pancake opposing defenders with devastating blocks. Although he doesn't get the opportunity very often, Brandon is a very talented runner as well and has been measured at 4.53 seconds in the 40-yard dash.

Brandon has nearly 30 scholarship offers, but maintains that he does not have any favorites at this point.

"Not yet," he said.  "Everybody's got a shot right now, because college football is a little haywire these days.  Florida State lost, Penn State hasn't won one yet, even Maryland is on a roll."  

Brandon reiterated that he would like to play for a winner.

"How the teams do this year is going to factor in," he admitted.  "I come from a winning tradition and I hope to go to one."

Does that rule Penn State out?

"I'm definitely not going to rule them out," the big FB said.  "I have a real good relationship with Fran Ganter, the running backs coach, so the fact that they're getting off to a bad start is going to factor in somewhat, but not that much.  They got a great coaching staff up there."

That's great news for Penn State fans.  PSU is recruiting Snow primarily as a FB as are about 90% of the teams interested in Brandon.

"They [Penn State] told me that they have a TE playing FB and a walk-on backing him up, so the playing time is there if I want to go get it, if I'm going to play hard for it," he said.  "I watched them play Iowa yesterday."

So, what does Brandon think PSU's problem is?

"Well, defensively, they could play...ah, I don't want to pass judgment.  I think they need to improve the talent level because the Big 10 is more of a power conference.  They have some good backs.  The offensive line needs a little help.  The only thing that is hurting them so bad is recruiting."

Although Brandon does not admit to having any favorites, it appears that Penn State, Virginia and Miami are some of the teams at the top of his list.

His former teammate, Orien Harris, is a member of the Miami Hurricanes football team.  Brandon still talks with Orien from time to time.

"I talked to him last weekend," Brandon said.  "He's not liking the fact that he's redshirting, but he's loving it [Miami]."

8/30 Brandon Snow article

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