Georgia Athlete Grew Up PSU Fan

He has several offers including one from Penn State, and plans on visiting PSU officially. "Growing up, I just always loved the school and the football program," he said.

Jarrel Leonard is the son of boxing superstar Sugar Ray Leonard. Like his father, Jarrel is a terrific athlete. He splits time between WR and RB on offense, plays CB on defense, and also returns kickoffs and punts.

Jarrel is 5'11", 180 pounds and ran the 40-yard dash in 4.48 seconds this summer.  His high school team, Chattahoochee High in Alpharetta, Georgia is undefeated so far this season in 4 games.  Jarrel has contributed offensively with 2 receiving TDs and one rushing TD.

He has offers from Georgia Tech, Clemson, Kentucky, Iowa, NC State and Penn State.  According to Jarrel, Georgia Tech and Penn State are the teams recruiting him the hardest.

Penn State is one of Jarrel's top 2 teams, despite the fact that he prefers to play WR and Penn State is recruiting him as a CB.

"Georgia Tech, Penn State, Clemson, Kentucky and Iowa are my favorites," he said.  "Those are in order.  Georgia Tech is recruiting me for both [WR and CB].  Penn State is recruiting me as a corner back.  The other three are recruiting me more as a receiver."

Jarrel explained what he likes about Georgia Tech, his current favorite.

"I like the way their offense is run," he said.  "They're pretty much a receiving team.  They also have a good academic program, and that's one of my main interests.  That's why they're one of my top teams.  I met their coaching staff.  I went to a Nike Camp at Georgia Tech and got a chance to meet with their coaches.  I like the campus a lot also."

Jarrel does not seem put off by Penn State's slow start this season and had good things to say about PSU.

"I like the football program they have, and the stadium," he said.  "I've been there once to see a football game last year and their football facilities are incredible.  I went up there with my mom and brother.  We just walked around.  I just really like the school.  Growing up, I really liked Penn State.  My brother [Ray Leonard, Jr.] likes Penn State too.  He had a chance to go there, but he didn't.  He ended up going to Ohio University because a couple of his friends were going there.  Growing up, I just always loved the school and the football program."

Penn State, however, will have to make up some ground on Georgia Tech.

"Georgia Tech is edging away from everybody slowly but surely because of what I want to major in," Jarrel admitted.  "That's one of the real reasons why I want to go to Tech, because it's a good technical school.  But, I don't know that much about Penn State's engineering program.  I'll know more after my visits."

Jarrel will take his official visits, most likely to his top 5 teams mentioned above, after the season.  He is looking for good academics and a school not too far from home.  He is fully qualified and wants to major in Computer Engineering.

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