QB Chooses 5th Official Visit Destination

<b>Daryll Clark</b>, an athletic 6'3" QB from Youngstown, Ohio, recently reached double digits in the number of scholarship offers extended to him. He now knows the 5 schools to which he will take official visits. Is he planning a trip to State College? How interested are the Nittany Lions?

Name: Daryll Clark
Position: QB
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 195 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.7 seconds
Hometown/School: Ursuline HS, Youngstown, OH

Daryll estimated that he finished his senior season with approximately 18 touchdowns, 5 interceptions and 1,960 yards. Despite his efforts, Ursuline narrowly missed making the playoffs, finishing with a 5-5 record.

"I'm a drop-back passer, passer before runner," explained Clark, who confirmed that he also has the ability to run if necessary. "Absolutely, but I'll only run when I absolutely, positively have to. If I drop back for a pass and I'm flushed out of the pocket and there's a lane to run, but then again, there's a receiver open downfield, I'll try my best to get that ball to that open receiver before I run it."

Daryll listed having scholarship offers from 10 teams: "Iowa, West Virginia, Nebraska, Cincinnati, Minnesota, Indiana, Akron, Toledo, Penn State and Bowling Green."

Penn State is the most recent school to throw their hat into the ring. The Nittany Lions verbally offered Daryll a scholarship last week, after his game verses Mooney.

"They told me over the phone that they were going to offer me, but they're going to give me the paperwork--, they like to do it in person, so when I go up to the game, the Ohio State/Penn State game on Saturday, I'll get it then. They just told me that they were going to offer me because they like what they see and they think they can make me a better player than what I already am. You can't complain about that."

Clark will be returning to Penn State this weekend with his father, head coach and several Ursuline players. He previously visited State College twice during the summer.

"I went with Brandon Braxton, his dad, my head coach, Dan Murphy, and my coach, Chester Leone. The second time, it was just with Chester Leone and Delbert Ferguson."

Jay Paterno is recruiting Daryll for Penn State.

"He called me last week and the week before, because he came down to Youngstown to see the Ursuline/Mooney game (10/17). I didn't do bad, but we lost. It really doesn't matter how good or bad you played if you don't get the 'W'.

"They (Penn State) really started to pick up after the Akron Hoban game (10/7). They started calling, but they really weren't talking about offering, they were just touching base with me. Pretty soon, they were like, 'We like you and we're going to offer you.' I can't complain about that. Penn State is a very nice college."

What does he like about Penn State?

"Tradition. I've been up there a couple of times and it's real nice. I haven't had time to actually sit down and talk with the coaches the way I've wanted to as far as academics and everything, but just being around all of that makes you realize that you're in a good situation. JoePa and JayPa are two very good people and they're behind a great deal of tradition up at Penn State. It's just nice, it's real nice. I'm pretty sure they have a high percentage of graduates up there, and I think education is first."

Clark has now chosen the destinations of each of his 5 available official visits.

"It starts the first week of December. I go to Nebraska, West Virginia, Iowa and in January I go to Toledo and I'm going to schedule Penn State as an official visit."

Is he down to these 5 schools?

"No, I wouldn't say that. I haven't broken it down yet. Honestly, I'm leaning towards West Virginia. I haven't pulled the trigger as far as committing to West Virginia because I'm still not sure. My decision is still in the air."

Daryll has visited West Virginia 4 times.

"It's just real nice down there. They have great people, the social atmosphere is lovely and it's not too far away from home. I'm looking for the college where I can say, 'Okay, this can be home away from home.' I want to go far, but not too far, and West Virginia fits, it just fits."

Clark has also visited Toledo and attended a camp there.

"I'll probably make my decision after all of my visits."

What is he looking for in a school?

"Well, academics are absolutely number one. Academics, athletics and a social atmosphere. I want to go, get good grades, I want to play ball, but I don't want to do just those two things. I want to be able to have fun. You have to have time to have a little fun with yourself and with your friends."

Which schools stand out as having a good opportunity for early playing time?

"I'd probably say right now West Virginia is a good opportunity. They have Rasheed Marshall as a junior right now, he'll be a senior next year. If I go down there, I'll probably redshirt and soak in all the information I need to get me more mature, to the college level, and hopefully, the year after that I'll be ready to start going."

The Nittany Lions also have an attractive situation at quarterback as they have not signed a quarterback in either of the last two years and currently have no commitments at that position. Daryll was not as familiar with Penn State's situation.

"They have Zack Mills and Michael Robinson up there. I forget what classes they're both in, but I wouldn't say their depth chart is similar to West Virginia's, but I'm pretty sure, if I happen to go up there and redshirt, I probably will have a shot the year after to show them what I can do."

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