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Penn State wide-receivers coach Kenny Carter recently attended a high school game to get an in-person look at <b>Jordan Lyons</b>, a big, athletic quarterback from Woodward Academy in College Park, Georgia. How interested are the Nittany Lions? What other teams are involved?

Name: Jordan Lyons
Position: QB
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 220 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.68 at Nike Camp
Bench Press: 255 pounds
School: Woodward Academy, College Park, GA

Currently, the War Eagles of Woodward are undefeated in 7 games. Jordan estimated that he has rushed for nearly 100 yards and passed for over 100 yards every game. He has approximately 15 touchdowns on the season, 8 passing and 7 rushing, while throwing only 3 interceptions.

Lyons still lists scholarship offers from the same three teams: Maryland, Michigan State and Georgia.

"Nothing has changed with respect to scholarships. I've had two coaches come and see me play a couple games. Penn State coach Kenny Carter came and watched my Lithia Springs game (10/17) and Hal Hunter from North Carolina came and saw my Douglas County game (10/24)."

How did he play during the Lithia Springs game?

"I played fairly well. I believe I was over 100 yards rushing, I think I had 166 yards rushing or something. We did not throw very much that game, I believe I was 4 of 7.

"I wasn't allowed to talk to [Coach Carter], I was just informed that he was there by my coaches. I actually heard from one of my teammates that he talked to his parents during the game. He seemed to be very positive about me to his parents."

Jordan, though, has not heard from Penn State since then. North Carolina, however, has been in touch.

"Coach Hunter actually just called me this evening. He said he was very impressed and informed me that they'd be recruiting me as a tight-end/wide-receiver. They're fairly heavily underclassed when it comes to quarterbacks. They have a lot of underclassmen."

In previous interviews, Jordan made it clear that his desire is to play quarterback at the collegiate level.

"I do want to play as a quarterback, but they (UNC) have a very good school. That's one of the reasons why they're still on the list."

Has he heard from the teams that have offered him recently?

"I have. They call me pretty consistently, except for Georgia."

Stanford continues to be involved as well.

"I've talked to Coach Teevens on the phone several times."

Jordan, who does not claim a favorite team at this time, has not yet set up any official visits.

"I'm going to be going up to Michigan State on the 15th (November) for the Penn State game unofficially. I just wanted to see the campus."

Lyons has already unofficially visited Maryland and North Carolina. He has never been to Stanford or Penn State.

"No, I haven't yet, but I'd probably like to receive offers from those places before I get a chance to go see them."

When does he forsee making a final decision?

"Hopefully, if I get all the offers that I'm going to get, early December should be the soonest. If I get the offers from Stanford and Penn State, I'll take an official to those places just because I won't be able to see them while they're in season."

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