TE Names Top 6 Teams

Beaver, PA (Beaver HS) tight-end <b>Rory Nicol</b>, rated by TheInsiders.com as the #2 TE prospect in the country, names his top 6 teams. How interested is he in the Nittany Lions?

Name: Rory Nicol
Position: TE
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 238 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.83
Bench Press: 295 pounds
School: Beaver Area SHS, Beaver, PA

"Right now, it's Boston College, Virginia, Florida, those are the 3 schools that I have visits set up with, I don't have dates for all of them, but I'm going to go to those 3 for sure," explained Rory before continuing with his list, "and then it's Ohio State, Pitt, Penn State and Georgia Tech I guess too. That's really it. Mainly those 6, really not Georgia Tech as much."

Early in the recruiting process, the Nittany Lions led. In recent interviews, Penn State was noticeably absent from Rory's list of favorites. What are his current thoughts regarding PSU?

"I think the biggest thing is the coaching stuff, it's pretty iffy right now. You watch ESPN and you hear the guy saying, 'Joe Paterno is going to be gone next year, no doubt about it', and then you read the paper and it says in quotes that, 'I'll be around next year, so don't worry about it', from Joe Paterno, so that kind of controversy is always--, you don't want to see that. And, obviously, how many games have they won this year, 2? They played Northwestern and Northwestern looked pretty good, but--. I actually did see that they were starting to throw to their tight-end a little bit which was kind of weird. He was catching some balls down the seem it seemed like, some deep balls too, which was cool."

Rory's relationship with PSU Defensive Coordinator Tom Bradley is the major reason the Nittany Lions still have a chance.

"It's just really Bradley who I have such a relationship with. That's who I kind of book off of. I don't have a doubt that Ganter or Bradley is going to get the head coaching job. I'd almost be willing to say they're going to. I don't think they're going to hire somebody outside of the program.

"I talked to him the day before we played Quaker Valley, so I think that was like 2 weeks ago. I talked to him in school and we just talked. I told him the same thing I'm telling you, the coaching thing makes me worry and you can be a young team, but young teams still--, Florida's a young team and they've beaten 3 top 10 schools and they're all young. They're just as young as Penn State."

Coach Bradley simply stresses patience.

"He just thinks that it will all happen eventually. He thinks it's going to be a great team which it probably will be."

Rory will most likely pick his remaining 2 official visits from Ohio State, Pitt and Penn State.

"Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia Tech were in it earlier, I really just don't see--, their style I guess really isn't so attractive right now, although I guess North Carolina is kind of the same thing (as PSU). They had a great tight-end situation and they use their tight-ends pretty well, but it's the same thing as far as the team is considered with their [lack of] winning and stuff like that."

Does anyone stand out right now?

"I visited Virginia unofficially and I like their program. It's pretty nice, especially with the way they use the tight-end. Heath Miller has like 40 catches I think this year. He doesn't necessarily catch all deep routes or anything like that, but he catches a lot of balls. He probably catches like 7 balls a game. They just run that pro offense, and their tight-end situation would work out pretty well. They stand out and I think Florida. I've seen how they play and how they use their tight-end, so that stands out, but I haven't seen any of their facilities. I've never even been to Gainsville, so I'm excited to get to see that school."

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