Kentucky's Rob Smith

Rob Smith of Kentucky is one of the best offensive line prospects in the country. He has previously listed PSU among his top teams. Has PSU's slow start had an impact on his decision?

Name: Rob Smith
Position: OT, some DT (occasionally on running downs)
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 293 pounds
40-yard dash: 5.0 seconds
Bench Press / Squat: 425 pounds / 520 pounds
School: Highlands High, Fort Thomas, Kentucky
Offers: Around 18, including Penn State.

"We don't keep stats like pancake blocks or anything like that," Rob said.  "I pass-block all the time and have not allowed a sack this year.  I pass-block tons.  Our offense is 60-40 run to pass [ratio].  Last year, we were about 70 [percent] pass, 30 run.  We had Gino Guidugli as QB last year, the true freshman at Cincinnati who is putting up giant numbers, and he threw for over 4000 yards in one year.  My strength is pass-blocking.  A lot of high school players can run-block, but when they go to college they have to learn how to pass-block.  I've been doing that [pass-blocking] since my freshman year."

Rob is being recruited as an OT/OG.  He has around 18 offers, and currently favors Tennessee, Clemson, Florida, Nebraska, Louisville and Cincinnati.

"It would be cool to play with my old quarterback [at Cincinnati].  If I had to pick though, my top 4 right now would be Clemson, Tennessee, Nebraska and Florida.  Those are not in any order."

His favorite team growing up was Miami.  He has received a lot of mail from them, but no offer to this point.

It had previously been reported that Penn State was his favorite team, but apparently that has changed.

"Yeah, I really don't want to go north.  I want to go south.  I really don't want to play in the Big 10.  I'd rather play in the SEC.  I know I have Clemson and Nebraska in there [as favorites], but they're exceptions.  I'm not going to rely on playing in the SEC, but I'd rather play in the SEC than in the Big 10 or the ACC.  In the Big 10, you have a lot of cold games.

"Penn State was never my favorite.  I had them in my top 5, but not any longer because of the weather, and a little bit because the past few years they haven't been that terribly great.  The biggest reason is the Big 10.  I have other schools recruiting me for the Big 10, but I just don't want to play in the Big 10.  I was going to pick one Big 10 school and take an official visit there.  Penn State was the Big 10 school I was going to choose."

He has never been to Penn State.  He attended camps at Tennessee and Clemson this summer and singled both schools out as needing lineman "real bad".

He does not yet have any official visits scheduled.

"I went down to the Tennessee game Saturday on an unofficial visit to watch the game.  It was awesome.  It was unbelievable.  It was a battle."

He has also been to the University of Cincinnati for a game against Purdue.

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