Are The Nits Back In The Race?

<b>Jordan Steffy</b>, an impressive quarterback prospect from Conestoga Valley HS in Lancaster, PA, took an official visit to PSU this weekend. Did the Nittany Lions make an impression? Does PSU have a chance to sign one of PA's finest?

Name: Jordan Steffy
Position: QB
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 194 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.47 at Nike Camp
School: Conestoga Valley SHS, Lancaster, PA

The last time LionNews spoke with Jordan, he indicated that the Nittany Lions were about 6th or 7th on his list of favorites, and that was simply due to the fact that Penn State is close to his home. That's why Steffy's decision to take an official visit to State College this past weekend was somewhat surprising.

"I figured, basically, that I had a trip (official visit) left open that I didn't take anywhere, so I was going to use it," explained Jordan who made the trip with his older brother, "and I went up there and just had a great time.

"I went up on Friday and just went out Friday night with some of the redshirt freshmen. Saturday, I ate breakfast with the team, went to the game, went to dinner with some of the coaches, and then went out with the players again. On Sunday morning, I sat down at Joe Paterno's house and talked with him for about an hour.

"He just basically told me the whole situation at Penn State as far as they haven't recruited a quarterback in 2 years, so the opportunity there is great for whoever comes in at quarterback."

Michael Robinson, Brandon Way and Tony Johnson were a few of the current players Steffy said he spent time with.

Getting an official visit from Steffy was nice, but the Nittany Lions are still a longshot to land the signature of the Pennsylvania quarterback in February, aren't they?

"When I went there, I thought it was just to fill one (of his 5 allowable official visits) up, but it was a great experience up there and they definitely jumped into the mix now."

It was apparently several factors that helped put PSU back in contention.

"Just the trip up there and the social life there is great and the coaches are great. All that and of course 110,000 people or however much their stadium holds is quite an experience."

Steffy took an unofficial visit to Penn State earlier this season when the Nittany Lions suffered their first loss of the season at the hands of Boston College. Perhaps the difference was winning convincingly against Indiana verses a disappointing showing against BC. Or, perhaps it was the fact that despite a 2-8 record coming into the game, over 100,000 PSU fans showed up to rally their beloved Nittany Lions.

"Oh yeah. The fans are pretty loyal as far as that. Most teams, if you go 2-8, you'll be lucky if your family shows up and there 100,000 people still come out to the game."

Jordan is not yet ready to divulge exactly where the Nittany Lions rank among his favorites.

"You gotta throw them right in the mix. I don't really have an order of those, so they're in there now also."

It is apparent, however, that PSU has a legitimate shot to land the athletic quarterback.

"Oh yeah," Jordan said matter of factly.

Despite the fact that PSU offered him a scholarship back on August 10, Steffy, during previous interviews with LionNews, indicated that he had no interest in PSU largely due to the fact that they did not show serious interest in him as early as some other teams did.

"Before they had no shot, but now, they're definitely in there."

The coaching staff has obviously made an impression on Jordan.

"Coach Paterno is a great guy and the rest of the guys, Fran Ganter is obviously very knowledgeable, and so I think their coaching staff is good and they're going to be together so you're not worried about them getting fired or anything like that."

When Jordan attended the BC game in September, he had the opportunity then to chat with the coaches and essentially knew all about Penn State's quarterback situation, right?

"Yeah, but it's just the game--, for some reason, spending the whole weekend up there really jumped out at me."

That's welcome news for avid Penn State football fans who are anxious, and rightfully so, about the fact that Penn State does not have a scholarship quarterback on its current roster that will have eligibility remaining in 2006.

Jordan plans to announce his final decision on December 11 during a press conference at a hotel near his school.

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