Penn State Eyes Georgia Back

Mahlon (pronounced ma-LON) Carey is a big back from the Peach State with an enviable combination of size and speed. Penn State, which needs to recruit several RBs this year, has been reported to be one of Mahlon's favorites.

Name: Mahlon Carey
Position: RB, SS, KR, PR
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 195 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.45 seconds
Bench Press: 265 pounds (cleans 280, squats 465)
School: South Cobb High, Austell, Georgia
Offers: West Virginia, Western Michigan, Louisville

South Cobb High School is currently 3-1 in the region and 3-2 overall.  During those 5 games, Mahlon has rushed for nearly 800 yards on 90-95 carries.  He has also scored 12 TDs.  While his stellar play at RB may be the biggest reason several schools are interested in the Georgia athlete, some schools are interested in Mahlon for his defensive abilities as well.  He plays SS on defense and has recorded 2 interceptions.

"I know a couple of coaches like what I do on the defensive side of the ball," Mahlon said.  "Last Friday, I had 27 tackles.  That was my best game they say on both sides of the ball.  I had 218 yards rushing with 4 touchdowns."

His talents have earned him scholarship offers from West Virginia, Western Michigan and Louisville so far.  He named Georgia Tech, West Virginia, Georgia and South Carolina as recruiting him the hardest.  Virginia, Penn State and Clemson are some other schools giving Mahlon a lot of attention.

Growing up, Mahlon liked most of the SEC schools, especially Tennessee and Georgia.  He also liked Georgia Tech.  He did list a few favorites, but has no clear leader at this point.

"I would probably have to say Georgia Tech, South Carolina and West Virginia, those three.  I'm still trying to get my official visit list ready and doing my research on the schools and everything.  I'll probably get that squared away in another few weeks after talking with my parents."

"I heard from Tennessee earlier in the spring, but they're pretty much booked over there.  They have a lot of good athletes over there.  Coach Spencer of Georgia Tech was talking to me about them not recruiting a RB last year.  They're in need of running backs.  West Virginia is in need of defensive players and running backs.  I'm just waiting it out."

Is Penn State still one of his favorites?

"They still are, it's just kind of hard to say right now.  The last time I talked with one of them [PSU coach] on the phone was at the beginning of this school year.  I haven't been to Penn State, but I've watched them a lot on TV.  I remember watching Lavar Arrington play.  I haven't really research Penn State too much yet.  Pennsylvania is far.  I don't want to go too, too far.  Penn State is kind of out there.  I like the school and the type of program that they have.  Coach Paterno is real cool.  I'm just not sure I see myself fitting in at Penn State. I haven't talked to any of the coaches since early on in the school year.  Anything can change though."

Mahlon attended a Nike Camp at Georgia Tech in the spring.  He also went to Georgia Tech for a game against Clemson.  Georgia Tech is about 20 minutes away while UGA is about an hour away.

"I'm basically looking to go in there and do my best.  When I do that, my best won't be denied as far as going in there and competing for a starting job.  That's what I'm looking to do.  I know it's kind of unusual to go in there and start right away, but I'm going to work hard and try to earn a spot for myself."

Mahlon will take his time making a decision and is contemplating majoring in Advertising, Sports Psychology or Business Management.

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