SC QB Gets Big Offer

<b>Paul Cianciolo</b>, a big quarterback prospect from South Carolina is yet another quarterback prospect being pursued by the Nittany Lions. How interested are both parties in each other. Who are his favorites?

Name: Paul Cianciolo
Position: QB
Height: 6'4 1/2"
Weight: 218 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.7
School: Dorchester Academy, St. George, SC

"We're in the second round, we play tomorrow night," said Paul Thursday evening. "We're 7-5. Right now, I have about 2,550 yards passing, like 25 passing touchdowns, 5 or 6 rushing touchdowns, 150 to 200 yards rushing, a 58 to 60 percent completion percentage and 9 picks."

Cianciolo, who is being recruited exclusively to play the quarterback position in college, already has a few scholarship offers.

"I actually have quite a few. I haven't really made that public as of yet, but the one people know about is Penn State right now."

Paul has 2 other Division I-A offers.

When did Penn State start showing interest in him?

"Probably when they saw film. [Coach Kenney] called me about 3 weeks ago for the first time.

"They were extremely impressed with the film, they thought I was a real player, they were really interested and wanted to get me up for an official visit.

"The second call, he went ahead and offered me. That was last week sometime. He said, 'You're at the very top of our list as far as quarterbacks go. We really need to get a good one this year. We haven't taken one in a couple years. We really want you to get up here the first week of December for your visit and consider yourself offered.'"

Paul will be taking an official visit to Penn State during the first weekend in December (5-7). It will be his first trip to State College. He has taken numerous unofficial visits to other schools.

"I've visited quite a few unofficially. I've been to South Carolina and Clemson for quite a few games, and them along with most of the schools in the ACC and SEC during the summer for camps and combines."

Cianciolo attended camps at Clemson, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, Wake Forest, Georgia and Georgia Tech to name a few. He also attended the Elite 11 QB Regional Workout in Las Vegas this summer.

He does not yet have any other official visits set up.

"Nothing definite. I've been talking to coaches. 3 or 4 called last night and some before that. A lot of people have been coming up, so I'm trying to decide which 5 I really want to take."

Several schools are in the running for an official visit from Cianciolo.

"There are quite a few and I'll have to narrow it down eventually, but it'll probably be some where between Clemson, [South] Carolina, Maryland, Ole Miss, UConn and quite a few other ones I'm probably forgetting."

There's no guarantee, however, that Paul will wind up taking all 5 of his allowable official visits.

"If I go to a school and I really like it and I really like the coaches, I might make my decision early. You never know. I'm not completely opposed to doing that, but right now, I'll probably take at least a couple."

Are the Nittany Lions his current favorite?

"They're definitely up there, they're definitely up there. Great tradition, great coaches. You can't beat playing in front of 103,000 people.

"Great academics, great football team. It's a little down this year, but they're going to get better. I'm sure of that. Coach Paterno and those guys will have them back up in no time."

Paul is also a terrific student. He is currently 2nd in his class which consists of nearly 400 students.

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