Ohio QB Alters Visit Schedule

<b>Daryll Clark</b>, an athletic quarterback from Youngstown, Ohio with 10 scholarship offers including one from Penn State has the Nittany Lions high on his list. When will he visit? What other schools are in the running?

Name: Daryll Clark
Position: QB
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 195 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.7 seconds
Hometown/School: Ursuline HS, Youngstown, OH

"The order has been altered," Daryll said Sunday evening regarding his official visit schedule. "This week, I was supposed to go to Nebraska, but since I have a basketball game that day (Friday) and it's far from where I live, I'm going to go to Nebraska in January and next week I'm going up to Penn State for an official visit. So, it'll be Penn State, West Virginia, Iowa, Toledo and probably Nebraska at the end."

Whether or not he follows through with an official visit to Nebraska remains to be seen.

"It's a little iffy, but who knows. That's why I'm not going to make a decision until I take all five of my visits."

Clark will visit Penn State this weekend and West Virginia the following weekend. He will take his remaining visits in January although dates have not yet been solidified.

Daryll isn't sure whether he will head to State College immediately following his basketball game on Friday night (begins at 7:30 PM), or wait until Saturday morning. His father and uncle will most likely accompany him on the visit. Neither has been to Penn State before.

"I actually talked to Jay [Paterno] a few hours ago. He's just looking forward to me coming up for the official visit, and he's going to be up here in my town tomorrow (Monday). So, I'll be able to speak to him in person tomorrow."

Clark's most recent visit to Penn State was a month ago for the Nittany Lions game against the Buckeyes. He also attended two games at West Virginia this season, verses Pittsburgh and Rutgers.

Does West Virginia still lead?


A recent interview quoted Daryll as indicating the PSU has pulled even with the Mountaineers.

"They're close," he explained. "They're close. You know what, what you read was right. It's either Penn State or West Virginia [that leads]."

Clark indicated that he did receive the written offer promised to him during his last unofficial visit to Penn State. Assistant coach Jay Paterno calls Daryll on "a weekly basis".

"I think they're taking two quarterbacks. They've offered a couple of them, but no one's committed as far as a quarterback."

What does he like about Penn State?

"First of all, their tradition. And, the college, their education. Their graduation percentage is very high. Ween you go to that college you are guaranteed to graduate, get a degree, if you [work hard]. Also, sports too.

"It's just a nice place up there. It's real nice, nice people and it's a nice atmosphere to play ball. It's real nice up there.

"Now, West Virginia's nice too. That's why I like both of them. But see, I've only been to West Virginia and Penn State, so I don't know about Nebraska, I don't know about Iowa."

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