QB Sets Second Official Visit

<b>Danny Southwick</b>, who transferred from Oregon State this season and is currently playing at Dixie State College, has set up another official visit. He names a favorite. Is there a strong possiblity he could end up playing for PSU in the near future?

Name: Danny Southwick
Position: QB
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210 pounds
School: Dixie State College of Utah, St. George, UT

"Jay Paterno came to practice yesterday, and Travis Brown and I will be tripping out there (PSU) on January 16," Danny said Thursday morning.

"He came to practice [Wednesday] and just saw us. He was complimentary. We went out to eat and talked. He got to talk to both me and Travis. He explained to us both the situations out there and everything.

"He looked at Travis' film and he said that he thought he was very talented and they're very impressed. They also said that it could be a really good situation for him at wide-receiver because there's not that many people there."

Southwick is also set to take an official visit to BYU next weekend. Is there a chance he could make a decision then and not take the official visit to PSU in January?

"I'm not going to not go back to Penn State. Penn State right now, they're like my top choice. I would say right now, it's Penn State and then Oregon State and BYU in no particular order, I don't know. The only plus with Oregon State is that that's the only place I can legally go play spring ball at just because I was already there."

According to Southwick, Travis Brown is also taking trips to BYU and Utah.

Note: According to the Salt Lake Tribune, BYU received a commitment from Jason Beck on Friday.

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