Michigan Corner Getting Major Attention

Tim Miller has recovered completely from a hip injury last year. The CB/RB prospect is listed on a national Top 100 list, and is receiving a great deal of attention this year.

Name: Tim Miller
Position: RB, CB, KR
Height: 6'1 1/2"
Weight: 188 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.3
Vertical: 41"
School: Detroit Country Day School, Beverly Hills, Michigan
Offers: Vanderbilt, Michigan State

Tim suffered a hip injury last year while making a quick cut.  He tore the muscle that attaches to the hip, and tore off a little piece of bone as well.  The injury ended his season after only 3 games.  As a result, several teams are waiting to see how he does this season before offering.

"Most teams like Nebraska and Tennessee said they are going to offer once they get his senior film," his father Tim Sr. said.  "I'm getting ready to send the tapes out now.  He's been having a great season this year.  Schools like the fact that on defense, most schools stay away from Tim.  They said that's even better than 10 interceptions, because they won't even try his side of the field.

"Everybody just wants to see if he can hold up, and he's done that.  He's getting about 25 letters a day in the mail.

"I know he likes Miami, Notre Dame, Nebraska, Tennessee, Michigan State, Ohio State and Oklahoma.  A couple of teams are telling him he could get playing time right away, like North Carolina.  North Carolina is really trying to get Tim to come down there. I'm supposed to be going down there next week and drop off some game film.  I might be stopping by Georgia Tech too, because they are really sending him quite a bit of mail, trying to recruit him.

"He plays cornerback.  He's a top running back too.  A lot of people didn't know about his running back skills.  That's really what he used to always play.  And return man, he had 2 90+ yard kickoff returns this year [for TDs]."

Tim is being recruited as a cornerback, although some schools are looking at him as a running back as well.  According to his father, Tim is averaging over 8 yards per carry and 100 yards per game on offense, and 8 to 9 tackles per game on defense.  He's helped his team to a 5-3 record.

"He's being recruited mainly for defense.  At the Nike camp, he shut down the Shabaj kid and the top quarterback out of Farmington Hills Harrison, so everybody's bragging this week.  The receiver, Shabaj, is saying that it's going to be payback this coming game, because he wants to get back at Tim.  Tim was the MVP at the Nike Camp at Michigan.  He shut down Carl Tabb.  No receiver caught a ball on him."

Tim attended the Elite Camp at Tennessee this summer, and a camp at Notre Dame.  He usually attends Ohio State's camp every year as well, but was unable to this year because of work.

Penn State is in desperate need of corners, and had been recruiting Tim earlier this year.

"Penn State is a school that he said he wouldn't mind going to, to help them out," his father added.  "They were really high on him, but I think they were thinking they didn't have a shot at him.  But, he said he liked Penn State.  Right now, he's not really sure where he wants to go.  The door is open."

Penn State has not been in contact with Tim recently.  Many other schools, however, are pursuing Tim hard right now.  In addition to those that have offered, Tim Jr. listed Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio State, Tennessee, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Miami, Florida, Notre Dame, North Carolina and some MAC teams as actively recruiting him.

"They all said they are very much interested," Tim Jr. said.  "They just need have film before they can make an offer.  I really don't have favorites right now.  I'm going to send my tapes out, see who offers, and then try to decide on my favorites from there.  We're sending out about 12 tapes or so."

Tim prefers to play cornerback, although he rarely gets tested.

"Corner gets kind of lonely, no one comes my way.  They barely try to run it outside my way too.  This week, I'm supposed to go against Agim Shabaj, the kid from Harrison that committed to Michigan State.  That's my biggest challenge all season."

Tim is looking for a school in the Midwest, relatively close to home.

"Yeah, I am.  I don't see myself going out west, on the east coast, or down south too far.  Somewhere not too far, where you can take a car trip home."

Tim said that Penn State is a team he would be interested in if they were actively recruiting him.  Hopefully, the Nittany Lions will get back into the race for the Michigan standout.

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