TE Loves Visit To Penn State

<b>Doug Fife</b>, a 6'5", 240-pound tight-end from McMurray, PA, talks about his official visit to Penn State this past weekend. How interested is the Nittany Lion coaching staff in Fife, a life-long Penn State fan? Has PSU offered?

Name: Doug Fife
Position: TE
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 240 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.85
School: Peters Township HS, McMurray, PA

Doug, who committed to Akron half-way through his senior season but was thrust back into the recruiting process when the coaching staff was fired about 3 weeks ago, was one of the 21 recruits who took an official visit to Penn State last weekend.

"It went very well," said Doug, who made the trip with his mother and father. "I had a lot of fun. I have a lot of interest in them. I like how they run things.

"I got a one-on-one with Joe [Paterno] and Coach Kenney, the tight-ends coach. I also talked a lot with Coach Carter, the recruiting coach. They said they liked me a lot and that they are interested. They're not going to offer yet. They're going to wait a week or two and go through some things and then let me know officially."

Meeting the recruits who already made verbal commitments to Penn State was definitely a highlight for Fife.

"I met all of them. I made a lot of friends, A.Q. Shipley, Matt Hahn, Dan Connor, Wyatt [Bowman], the real big kid, I met all those guys and made some pretty good friendships."

Doug also enjoyed meeting some of the current players.

"Zack Mills, I talked to him a little bit. Tyler Reed is the kid I stayed with. Andrew Guman, he was a roommate. Paul Posluszny, I talked to him a lot. He's a cool kid."

Is Penn State waiting on any other tight-end prospects?

"They just said that they're just kind of seeing who else they're going to take and see what happens, see what happens with the guys coming back. To me, they sounded real interested and everything sounded real good, so I'm not worried about anything."

Doug has at least one more official visit set up, with others in the works.

"I'm going up to Minnesota this weekend coming up. I'm leaving this Friday. Iowa is going to be coming up sometime soon. There's a dead period I think, so I might be going up there in January. The University of Richmond actually offered me tonight right before you called and they want me to come up, but I'm not too sure what's going on. The University of Delaware, they're another team that offered. They want me to come up, but I'm not too sure when or anything like that."

Doug, who also has offers from Temple and Akron, gave the visit a high mark on a scale of 1 to 10.

"9 or 10 definitely. It was a lot of fun. I loved it."

It's obvious that Fife is very interested in Penn State.

"Besides the whole football family and the players and the friendships that I made, the campus is unbelievable. The academic guys I talked to, it just sounded like the fit for me. I just like how everything's set up up there, the academics and the campus is unbelievable. The coaching staff and the football team is just like an added bonus, it's unbelievable, a real big bonus."

Fife said that the Nittany Lion coaching staff informed him that they were looking to take one more tight-end this year. It's clear that they are very interested in Doug.

"They like how I catch with my hands, my size, just the way I move as a big kid. They like how I worked a little bit at receiver this year, so I I have a little bit better time getting open."

How about his ability to block?

"Yeah, they also liked how I quick-step to the outside and all that stuff, get into people, use my hands."

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