Erick Phillips Has Penn State in Top 2

He is one of the better running backs in the nation. He is very interested in the Nittany Lions, as well as a few other Midwest schools.

Name: Erick Phillips
Position: RB
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 205 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.5
School: Hilliard Davidson High, Davidson, OH
Offers: Michigan (verbal), Indiana (verbal), Ohio, Central Michigan, Toledo, Bowling Green and Akron

Erick Phillips is one of the top running backs in Ohio this year. This is his third as the starting running back for Hilliard Davidson High School. Last year, he ran for almost 2000 yards and 20 touchdowns.

Hilliard is currently 8-0 this season.  They play in Division I, which is the toughest division in Ohio.  Erick, of course, has been a big part of Hilliard's success as expected.

"I'm doing well," Erick admitted.  "I'm obviously getting keyed on, but there are other players stepping up.  That's what we need.  I anticipated teams trying to come after me, but we're spreading the ball around.  We have lots of other athletes that can run and do other things, and that's what's helping us to win games.  I just broke over a thousand yards.  I'm not sure exactly what my stats are.  I had 2 TDs last time, so I have 18 now."

Erick received verbal offers recently from both Michigan and Indiana, although he has not received anything in writing yet.

"Michigan told me that they would offer me a scholarship, and that I would play.  Indiana did also.  That was in person too, when I went down there to see a game.  They just told me that they would give me a scholarship if I went to the school."

Erick attended the Michigan-Purdue game this past Saturday in Ann Arbor and apparently enjoyed the experience.

"That was great man."

Erick was at first reluctant to divulge having favorites.

"Well, no, not right now.  I'm still in high school now, just trying to concentrate on the season.  After the season, I'll start buckling down and decide who's my favorite."

Erick was supposed to visit Penn State unofficially on October 13.

"I was supposed to go down there 2 weeks ago for the game against Michigan, but I got homecoming king and I had to go to the homecoming dance."

He has been to Penn State before.

"It was over the summer.  Jay Paterno wanted me to come and take a look at the campus.  He just showed us around.  It was really nice.

"I met the running back coach (Fran Ganter) too.  As soon as I got there, he's was leaving to go out.  He had just got done with surgery and he was going back to the doctor.  I guess he just recognized me or something, because he asked me who I was and I told him I was Erick.  He just stopped what he was doing and sat me down.  We were talking, and he was telling me how he needed a back.  He's a nice guy."

Erick did eventually acknowledge favoring the Nittany Lions along with Michigan.

"Those are probably the 2 that are recruiting me the hardest, that I like.  Penn State and Michigan are my 2 schools that I like.  As far as those 2, I don't really have a favorite.  Penn State, Michigan and Indiana.  I like them all about the same.  And Notre Dame too.  They're all even right now."

It appears as though Penn State has given Erick a sort of verbal offer as well.

"Penn State told me when I went down there that they were in need of a back, and that as soon as I came, I would just play, because they were hurting for a big-time back.  They basically were telling me that I would not redshirt."

PSU has kept in contact with Erick.

"My dad talks to them.  I'm not sure how often they call the house because I'm really never home."

Notre Dame has not been pursuing Erick as hard as the others.  He has not talked to them yet.

"I haven't been down there [Notre Dame].  They just send me stuff.  I've just always been a fan of Notre Dame.  That's always been one of my favorite schools growing up.  That's why I'm putting them in the running."

Michigan and Ohio State are other teams Erick liked growing up.

"I'm not sure about Ohio State.  They just signed 2 of the best running backs.  They're very deep as far as the running back position, and I'm not sure about the amount of playing time I would get.

"[Michigan] is in need [of a running back].  They have Chris Perry, and I think he's a junior.  They have another one.  I can't remember who the other one is.  Baraka is over there too, but right now he's suspended.  As far as the coaches, they're letting me know that they're in need of a back."

Erick definitely likes the Nittany Lions, and the Nittany Lions could certainly use a running back as talented as he.

"I like Penn State.  I like [Jay] Paterno a whole lot.  I think he's a good guy.  Before going down there, I didn't think that much of Penn State.  But, when I went down there man, it was really nice."

He will take his official visits after the season.

Here is a link to the LionNews September 4 Erick Phillips article .

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