Things Change With Julian

He is absolutely one of the top defensive-end prospects in the country. Up until now, Julian has had a pretty consistent top 5 list. Something has changed.

Name: Julian Jenkins
Position: DE / TE
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 235 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.54 (electronically timed on a track at his school)
Bench Press: 315 pounds
School: Woodward Academy, College Park, GA

Although Woodward Academy is currently 0-6 this season, it's safe to assume that Julian isn't the problem.  The star DE has received interest from schools all across the country, and has accumulated around 20 offers according to his estimate.

Until recently, Julian has had a pretty consistent top 5, which included Stanford, Penn State, Notre Dame, Michigan and Miami.  Unfortunately for the Nittany Lions, Penn State has dropped from Julian's top echelon of teams.

Julian was very terse with his answers.  In an effort to give you the feel of the conversation, the interesting part of the interview is scripted below, nearly verbatim.

Who are your top 5 teams?  "Stanford, Notre Dame, Michigan and Miami.  That's four."

You used to have Penn State on there.  "Yeah, I did," he replied before a question was asked.  "They're just off."

They're off your list altogether, or off your top 5? "Off my top 5."

Are you no longer considering them?  "Oh no, I am.  Their just not high on my list."

What happened?  "I don't want to talk about it."

You don't want to talk about it? "No."

Is it their record? "No, it wasn't something that they did.  It was me.  I just decided."

You already took an official visit there, is that right?  "Right."

Did you enjoy your visit?  "Yeah."

[After reading a recent, very pro-PSU quote back to him]  Is that accurate?  "That was at that time, yeah."

Is it just too far?  Do you not want to go up north?  "No, I'm not going to get into it."

Do you have a favorite among your top 4?  "I don't think so, not right now.  I haven't taken visits to any of those schools yet."

Julian recently took an official visit to Miami on 10/6.

"That was a great visit," he said.  "The kids are really close to each other.  One family, one goal."

So, you took a visit to Miami on October 6th, and since that visit, Penn State has dropped.  "Yes."

Would it be safe to assume that something happened on that visit?  "Huh."

Something must have happened on that visit I guess.  "Oh no, it was just my thought processes after."

Julian will visit Notre Dame on November 3, Michigan on November 24, and Stanford on January 12.  Stanford's offer is contingent on admissions.

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