JC QB Exploring Options

<b>Danny Southwick</b>, who played this season at Dixie State College after transferring from Oregon State, discusses his current options. Is there a possiblity he could end up playing for the Nittany Lions in the near future?

Name: Danny Southwick
Position: QB
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210 pounds
School: Dixie State College of Utah, St. George, UT

Danny did not take his official visit to BYU scheduled for this past weekend.

"No, I cancelled the trip," Danny said. "They needed a guy in the spring because they were struggling, but see I need to get my [Associates Degree]. They encouraged me to stay another year at JC and come next spring, but I don't know if that's exactly what I want to do."

Danny is also being recruited by UCLA and may take a visit there this coming weekend.

He and wide-receiver teammate Travis Brown are still scheduled to take official visits to Penn State on January 16. Brown visited BYU this past weekend and also plans to visit Utah the week before Penn State.

"We might be taking some other little random ones, but not much has developed, so I'm not just going to spout off a bunch of names.

"Penn State is really the only school that is looking at me as far as coming in and developing me as opposed to having me come in and play right now. They want me even though I can't be there until the fall. The other schools wanted me to come in and be able to go right now, but because of the rules I can't."

Penn State and Southwick have not spoken since Jay Paterno visited him during a practice on December 3.

"I was supposed to call Jay right after the [championship game on 12/6] and I didn't call him. He can't call me twice a week, so I was going to call him, but I forgot because we lost and I was kind of bummed that week. I haven't talked to them since then, but I'll probably talk to them in a couple days. They usually call once a week, so I'll probably be talking to them.

"I like Penn State a lot. I've already got my player created on EA Sports 2004 for Penn State. I beat Michigan on the Heisman level and I had a good game," he laughed. "Travis did too, we created him.

"You know what I like about Penn State now? When I left before my mission, they would throw like 25 times a game, now they're throwing like 30-35 from what Jay says. I like that. They said they do a lot of play action, but they don't just run the ball all the time."

Southwick does not seem poised to make a decision before Christmas as he previously anticipated.

"I'm not going to make my decision too much after the Penn State trip. I don't think I want to plan too many trips after the Penn State trip because I'd like to have some sense of being settled. I don't want to be doing what I did last time when I waited all the way until like signing day. I'll probably know by the 20th of January."

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